Campus hiring is complex? Let's make it easy

Search for a gem of a student / fresher can be extremely overwhelming. Add to that scattered colleges across the country. We fix all this for you & make your fresher recruitment hassle free

Benefits to Companies

Access to large talent pool

Why go to one college at a time when you can reach out to hundreds of colleges & thousands of students from all tiers

Scientific / Logical hiring

Welcome to the future of fresher hiring. We use game based aptitude & psychometric assessment for maximum student engagement and data driven assessment. With us you can find students that matches your aptitude requirement, are smart and culturally fit

100% students per college

Unlike other job-boards, we work as college partners and ensure 100% students of these colleges are on our platform. That gives you power to find the best candidates and not miss out on any talent. This is an absolute equivalent of campus visit & your job post reaches to 100% students of colleges you target

Powerful filtering

We collect & organise over 50 different data points so that it makes sense for you. No other recruitment platform can offer such exhaustive student profiles. Now you can filter student profiles basis on GPA, colleges, internship, courses taken by student, projects, athletics, publications, certifications, skills and more

Reduce hiring costs

Campus visits are costly, time consuming and draining (mentally & physically). We offer 360 degree solution to help you close entire student / fresher hiring cycle. No need to spend time & money on visiting a college campus or hiring an agency

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