Type of friends to avoid for having a great career

“A man is known by the company he keeps”, this old saying turns out to be true every time when you are judged based on the types of people you are with and who your friends are.

Having friends is a choice but having good friends is sanity.

However, there are some friends which may turn out to be toxic for your career especially if they are close to you.


Let’s take a preventive look at types of friends which should be avoided by us.

 1. The one with negative attitude

Being realistic and being negative are two different things. There shall always be a friend who claims to be “Practical” but actually is negative in his own perceptions. Advice from such friends can be disastrous.

Emotions are contagious! Be aware that it can damage your outlook towards having contended and satisfied approach towards your decisions.

2. The one with toxicity

Live and let live is the most ignored sentence by toxic people. Toxic friend will be there for you always even when you don’t want them to be around. Having such a friend is a havoc. They are very interrogative and want to have their nose in every business of yours. They pretend to be your bodyguard but actually are a stalker to put bluntly.

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3. The one who is jealous

Envy is one of the sins in the bible and why not it has been known to produce crimes and damages which cannot be reciprocated. A jealous friend cannot stand your success. Such friend will make sure that he takes away your achievement and be where you are, worse, make you feel miserable. There is always such a friend in life, in that case, ignorance is bliss.

4. The one with self-obsession

Loving oneself is excellent, obsessing your own self is stupidity. The one who is self-obsessed shall see himself as the king and shall want to rule your mind in his favor. Keeping a distance from such friend becomes obligatory, as there is no way you can win an argument with them, which most of the times is unproductive.

Such a friend will want to make his decisions entrusted upon you to fulfill his need of self-esteem.

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5. The one who does gossip

Having a conversation is beneficial but gossiping kills time. It is a form of entertainment for fools. There can be zero expectations that your friendship with a gossiper will be worthy. Moreover, gossipers distract you from your set goals. Having a distraction which will waste your time shall result in your less productivity.

The best example of excellence in friendship can be seen in fictional characters created by Sir Arthur Doyle in Sherlock Holmes as of John Watson and Sherlock Holmes who are best in every way to represent the true nature of friendship and companionship.

As learned from Harry Potter “your choices make you, choose the best”.

Good luck from DreamBegins team!


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