Top 10 startups to work for & why?

Startups are changing the way we shop, travel, eat, transact, entertain ourselves, find a partner, run businesses, hire team members, stay connected with friends & family or in a nutshell the way we live!

Solving some real problems is what millennial want today, and that’s why startup jobs are getting really popular.

However, which startup to pick & where to work is always a challenge given instability, poor company culture and lack of focus in some start-ups. We bring you the list of Top 10 startups in India that can offer you a great learning opportunity & a great career (1).


So, here’s the list of top 10 startups in India:


Cleartrip is an Indian travel company. It provides services for online booking of flights as well as train tickets, also hotel reservations. It is very good place for fresher. Colleagues are very helping towards each other. There are more opportunities to learn new things. Freedom is allowed to your work. Also, many job perks are offered. The working culture of Cleartrip is very friendly. Management is open to your ideas. It offers flexible work hours. Seniors are too supportive. The ambiance is nice.

Glassdoor Rating: 3.9

Employee Reviews (Pros):

“Work-life balance, not just the life part but ‘work’ is great as well if you have the drive to get something done” (in 15 reviews)

“As per the work environment, it’s balanced and good to learn so many new things” (in 13 reviews)

“Monthly release with no test automation affects work-life balance” (in 3 reviews)


Flipkart is one of the leading e-commerce companies. Its headquarter is in Bengaluru. It offers full independence to its employees. It appoints intelligent people so great opportunity to work with smart people. They offer training to fresher. Their work culture is cool. The team is very understanding. Their Human Resource activities are so interesting. Here, everyone will learn something new surely.

If you have low GPA and think you can’t get to Flipkart, read this story on ‘How he got an internship at Flipkart‘ with low GPA and performed really well.

Glassdoor Rating: 3.8

Employee Reviews (Pros):

“Excellent work life balance here” (in 49 reviews)

“Brilliant Work Culture Challenging coding” (in 72 reviews)

“Work life Balance takes a toll some time” (in 46 reviews)


Amazon gives new and innovative projects. It also provides a wide range of opportunities for growth. Your innovative ideas will be respected & shared. It gives the opportunity to showcase yourself as much as you can. But hard work is required. Generally, employees have to work for around 70 hours per week.

The advantage to working with Amazon is it hires smart people, you get to learn a lot from your colleagues.

Glassdoor Rating: 3.6

Employee Reviews (Pros):

“Learn a lot of things and good working environment” (in 376 reviews)

“My org has a very healthy work/life balance” (in 255 reviews)

“Work life balance is a challenge” (in 1774 reviews)


BigBasket is the Indian grocery store. It offers vegetables, fruits, grocery items etc. It is a very decent company to work for. The workplace is peaceful and friendly. Also, there is no such high workload. As it is a startup, new things can be learned in many aspects. It gives a good salary too. You will feel like every day is a new day and it gives more opportunity to learn new things.

Glassdoor Rating: 3.6



Yatra is an online Indian travel agency providing cheap flight tickets of domestic as well as international airlines. It is open to adopting new technologies. Flexible work hours are allowed to employees. Yatra offers a good salary to its employees. It provides competitive compensation as well as incentives. Colleagues are friendly too. And the working environment looks very professional.

Glassdoor Rating: 3.6

Employee Reviews (Pros):

“Good work life balance and growth” (in 9 reviews)

“Flexibility in work, good work environment” (in 12 reviews)

“Poor decision making and Poor resource management” (in 3 reviews)


Paytm is an Indian company based on electronic payment in Delhi NCR, India. One of the best things of Paytm is that if there is any disputed transaction with any customer, they coordinate with the bank to solve the dispute. The team is hardworking and motivated. If you will work with Paytm, you will definitely be able to build or explore yourself. Work culture is amicable, and employees’ suggestions are always welcomed. It offers various incentives to the employees-holiday earnings, free lunch etc. The biggest advantage is there is no tough competitor of Paytm.

Glassdoor Rating: 3.2

Employee Reviews (Pros):

“This company provides you a right environment to work and grow” (in 9 reviews)

“Work life balance is pretty good” (in 7 reviews)

“Only good for experienced candidates, food is not good, low on perks, hard to maintain work life balance” (in 4 reviews)


BookMyShow provides information about Showtime, books movie tickets, and events near about you. The best part of BookMyShow is employee friendly policy, Human Resource Manager and Admin staff are very helpful. The infrastructure of office is good too. Friday is the celebratory day, Environment is casual. You will never feel overburdened.

Glassdoor Rating: 3.2

Employee Reviews (Pros):

“Work environment is pretty cool” (in 9 reviews)

“Work Culture, growth and opportunities” (in 6 reviews)

“Streamline your hr policies give some benefits to your employees instead of making them work and reap their fruits” (in 6 reviews)



Employees get the opportunity to interact with highly skilled professionals, learn something new daily. Drivers are not required to drive fix hours every day. It is too simple, interactive and cool product.

Glassdoor Rating: 3.1

Employee Reviews (Pros):

“Many perks (free lunch and dinner; juices, fruits, water, tea and sandwiches served at your desk, get Ola money on joining)” (in 11 reviews)

“Good place to learn while tackling challenges head on” (in 11 reviews)

“Senior Management needs to improve Work Life Balance of employees and need to do regular one on one’s with their immediate juniors” (in 28 reviews)


OYO Rooms is an Indian hotel brand that aggregates various hotel rooms. OYO has open door policy. The environment is chilled out. The leadership team is helping who is ready to solve your problems. You can learn a lot in a short period of time. Seniors are very supporting. OYO has young crowd having innovative ideas.

Read this story of 3 individuals from different background and their internship experience at Oyo.

Glassdoor Rating: 3.1

Employee Reviews (Pros):

“Very good work environment for people with ambitions of a startup in the future” (in 10 reviews)

“New things to learn, very fast culture, Good learning curve, flexible timings and good support from all teams” (in 7 reviews)

“Work life balance is not that good” (in 21 reviews)


You can find the best restaurants, lounges, cafes or bars in Delhi NCR through Zomato app. Zomato’s working atmosphere is energetic, collaborative environment. They organize office parties. Seniors are very cooperative. Zomato has a flexible work schedule.

Glassdoor Rating: 3.0

Employee Reviews (Pros):

“Work environment is the best thing in the company” (in 31 reviews)

“There is enough opportunity for great people to shine despite the massive growth the company has experienced in the last year and a half” (in 24 reviews)

“Work/life balance may get affected” (in 42 reviews)
Note (1): Top 10 startups selected on the basis of Glassdoor rating + Funding ($10mn+)

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