Seven things that I will do differently if I start my college again

College is a time for us to explore and learn about a multitude of things. It is the place that makes us who we are and plays a huge part in shaping our future. Very few people can honestly say that their college experience was not filled with some regrets be it in the form of having too much fun and not enough studying or vice versa. Nevertheless, hindsight is 20/20.

Here are 7 things that I’ll do differently if I start my college again.

1. I would seek internships at every opportunity and get an inside to the profession

As I am finishing my final year of college, I realize that I do not have much work experience that can be counted as meaningful. As I look back, I realize that I did not explore my options. I treated my internship as an obligation rather than a privilege. I interned at the first organization available to me and did not think about other better opportunities that could have gotten me in good graces of experienced professionals or even full-time work offers. If I could do it again I would first change my casual attitude towards it and think of it as a long term endeavor.

2. I would pay more attention in class and take better notes

Everyone says that if they could redo college they will pay more attention in class. If many people say the same thing, it must have some truth to it. Moreover, I think that if I was more attentive when I was a fresher and properly understood the basics of certain subjects it would have helped me better understand the more advanced concepts.

3. I would make more effort to participate in extracurricular activities.

As I look back on my college life, I think that I should have spent some more time in extracurricular activities whether it be Social work or participating in a Club/Chapter/Sport. It would have helped me become more social and even help me form connections. If I could redo my college life, I would definitely try to be an integral part of a social organization.

4. I would explore opportunities to travel/study abroad.

This is a regret that many college students have. Getting an opportunity to travel/study abroad is rare and requires some kind of financial support that not everybody has. It serves as a great way for a student to make memories they can cherish their whole life. I would definitely want to go abroad as a college student.

5. I will make more college friends.

I think that maybe if my friend circle was more diverse with people from different majors and with different motivations in life, I would have greatly benefitted by learning new things and having new and interesting experiences. However, this is not a major regret for me as I cherish all the friends I gained in college and the journey we have been through.

6. I sould have been impulsive at times.

Sometimes “fun” is exactly what you need. If I was to do college again I would be more spontaneous and outgoing to help me experience new things like taking impromptu trips with friends that will help me be stress-free from the academic pressure.

7. Learn from my seniors.

As a fresher, I was filled with overconfidence and ignored the useful advice given to me by my seniors on various topics ranging from which teachers are “helpful” to what subjects I should concentrate on. This would have helped me a lot to focus on the important subjects and taking teachers who are well natured.


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