How to Rock the Intro Call with Recruiter?

Your resume has just grasped the attention of an employer. Give a high-five to yourself. You are really good.

Moreover, you will certainly be invited for an interview. You have to wow that person anyhow. It will be crucial for you to get the job. Further, then you can show them that you will prove to be a valuable asset for their company.

There are some ways through which you can rock the recruiter:

Show him that you cover basics

In most of the cases, HR or recruiter or the employer will not go into your details. He will search for a candidate that is best suited for the required vacant post.

You can contact with other people working in the organization and accordingly, you can list out the important things you possess. Be sure you tell them your all strengths in specific areas.

Show them that you are interested

Employers love when they find a strong match skilled candidate for the post they are trying to fill. Show them that you are only one who is so-so interested in the company for that specific post.

If recruiters pass you to go to the next stage of recruitment, they should feel confident about you that you are eager and enthusiastic to gain more knowledge.

Exude an Air of “Strong Culture Fit”

Recruiters hire candidates keeping in mind certain things. First one is obvious. “Can candidate do the job?” The answer to their mind must be “yes”. The candidate should also be a “yes” to this question. “Does company like him?” and “Do we think he’s going to fit in around this company?”

You must be confident enough to show that you’re strong cultural fit. You should study beforehand company’s website, Facebook page, Twitter feed so that you can create a picture of it in your mind.

Get to know the recruiter’s role

If you get to know the recruiter’s role, you will most probably be able to crack the interview.

When they call the candidate, they want the candidate to win. As when the candidate wins, they will also win in the form of promotion or making more money.