How to Prepare for Competitive Examination when you are short of time

First of all, know your right and up to mark syllabus

The first thing which you are required to know is your up to mark syllabus for the competitive exam when you are running out of time. Merely subjects such as Logical Reasoning, Mathematics, Data Interpretation, English and General Knowledge are common for every competitive exam. So when the time is less you have to firstly focus on the main subject and with right syllabus part.

Time allotment for each subject

The competitive examination is a test of time management for each and every candidate. Therefore, as a candidate you should first invest time in each and every subject, If you have very less number of time. So, their focus should be to use to consume the fewer days for preparing all the main subjects. The allotment of time for every subject will depend on your proficiency on subjects. If the person is strong in mathematics, then they would spend less time in Mathematics in invest more time in subjects which requires more attention.

Focusing on your strength

The very much shortcut to clearing the competitive exams is the subject in which you are good enough. If you are good enough in English, then make sure that you are thorough with every chapter of the syllabus of English. This will allow you to score maximum marks in English and give you an advantage over other subjects.


It is a well and very known fact that ‘Practice makes a man perfect’. May it be the logical reasoning or mathematics, if you are practicing in an area regularly there are fewer chances of making a mistake. Dedicated hours on a regular basis will make you an expert on the given topics. However, if you are not practicing on a daily basis then you might make silly errors while working on those problems later on. Similarly, practicing your grammar and comprehension skills is also very important. Do not leave any subject untouched for more than 3 days when you are running out of time.

Build the confidence

Confidence in the examination hall is very much important. Have confidence in your abilities and recall your strong areas. If you are feeling very nervous, then simply think about the problems which you had solved previously with simple ease. An innovative way to build confidence is to solve the E grade questions first which was followed by A grade. If you can manage these two type of sections, then you can easily manage to solve every type of the T grade questions as well.

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