Latest GD Topics for Campus Recruitment 2017-18

A group discussion is an arrangement where a group of individuals sit and share their ideas and opinions on a certain topic. Body language and speaking skills result in an effective group discussion.

List of latest group discussion topic is as follows:

1. Teachers construct, Netas destruct

As teachers are providing knowledge as well as guidance to its students. Teaching is both the profession and duty. Noble teacher shows the right path to the students, and human resources are also prepared for the development of the nation as against scam ridden Netas.

Teachers bring positive change in the young minds whereas politicians preserve the status quo in education, health or infrastructure. They keep the people uneducated so that they can trust whatever the Netas say.

2. Are mobile phones in residential areas harmful?

Although there are some advantages of increased mobile towers in residential areas, the National Rights Commission (NHRC) is worried about the harmful effects of radiation that is emitted off from these towers.

A harmful effect of increased mobile towers in residential areas is a debatable issue. So it is important to include this topic in group discussion.

3. Replace the caste with parent’s education as quota criterion?


There is quota system based on the caste of communities that are backward since the independence of the country. Students and parents are not happy with this. The general category has to suffer most.

The quota system is not a solution for the development. If there is any need for reservation it should be based on economic status and parent’s education. That would be far better than this.

4. Privatization is the way to save Air India

Privatization of Air India is not a topic that has come up now. Air India is suffering the most in the aviation industry. The government must take some measures to improve the health of the company. Also, it should not interfere in their decisions. It needs to be discussed, through GDs, which is privatization the only way to save Air India?

5. Is Karnataka’s demand for a separate state flag justified

The Karnataka state is thinking to have its own flag. Although, they have their unofficial flag since the 1960s. Generally, special status states have state flags. Also, it is also in against of nation’s unity.

For more discussion on this topic, GD should be conducted for campus recruitment for different opinions of the students.

6. Is GST really a “one nation, one tax” system?

GST is recognized as the biggest indirect tax reform of India. It is projected as “one nation, one tax”, the goal of GST is to replace various taxes with a single tax on goods and services. So, what do you think?

7. Should board exams in class 5 and 8 be re-introduced?

Around 5 years ago, Congress government brought the change in the education system by scrapping board exams. They also replaced the marking system with the grading system. Also, no student can be failed till class 8.

But new Modi government is receiving requests to review this system in which board should be conducted for class 5 and class 8.

So, now, whether boards should be conducted or not, GD should be conducted among students to know their opinions.

8. Should there be college uniform

If there is a college uniform, you will feel that you are living in a noble environment. There are different types of classes coming to college. And students start judging each other on the basis of their dressing sense. So to make aware students or to know what they want, there should be a discussion among Fresher’s to know their comments on this topic.

9. Should Hindi be the official language of India?

As India is a multi-lingual nation, it has 22 languages. But preference is being given to the English language in most of the offices and schools.

Every government office in India will be having Hindi software in their systems. Also, all employees and officials must be well-versed in Hindi.

The National language status for Hindi is a debated subject across the nation today.

10. Should agricultural subsidies be stopped?

As agriculture is the primary occupation of India, 70% of the population is involved in agricultural activities. All living beings whether they live in urban areas or rural areas are dependent on agriculture.

Moreover, the government should provide subsidies to farmers in order to enhance their living conditions.


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11. Doctor’s accountability to improve health care

Doctor’s accountability to improve healthcare in India should be increased. The government should be strict in order to make rules for doctors. They are not attentive even in operation theatres. Their license must be canceled if they caught doing silly things. I think doctor’s accountability should increase.

12. Borderless world: A myth or a reality?

Just take the example of your family. Can everyone live with the same likes or dislikes, or can they adjust everything according to others? No, they can’t because of different perceptions and thoughts. So how can one think of a borderless world? So I think the borderless world is a myth.

13. Religion should not be mixed with politics

So do you think is it possible to keep religion and politics away from each other? Religion and politics are two important aspects of people’s lives. What is your view point on “Religion should not be mixed with politics”?

14. Will corruption decrease by demonetization?

Demonetization came into force in November 2016. Still, now corruption is not eradicated. Why they adopted this surreptitious approach? From your point of view, do you think corruption can be eradicated from a country like India? If you think, then share your suggestions.

15. Cauvery issue between Tamilnadu and Karnataka

Cauvery water dispute, a contention between Karnataka and Tamilnadu has led to violence.

So I think students must discuss, what are their opinions, viewpoints, comments on this issue. Whether water should be shared with Tamilnadu or not?


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16. Making Aadhar mandatory – a good idea or bad idea?

Aadhar number serves proof of identity. It must not be constructed as proof of citizenship. Aadhar number is issued after verification is done from the information provided by the person. Every person does not have Aadhar card so it will be difficult for them. It need to be discussed that what should be done?

17. Reliance Jio 4G- Changing the Indian Telecom Sector

What’s the impact of Reliance Jio in telecom sector on competitors like Vodafone, Airtel, Aircel, etc? It has ruined the existing market by services provided by it. Reliance’s owner Mr. Mukesh Ambani has left no stone unturned. Although every user is happy with it as it allows free calling as well as data pack at a very nominal price.

18. Is NITI AYOG serving ably to replace Planning Commission?

NITI (National Institution for Transforming India) Ayog is the policy of Government of India, introduced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in 2015 to replace Planning Commission of India. Planning Commission was a top-down approach whereas NITI ayog is bottom down approach. Is NITI ayog a better alternative to Planning Commission?

19. Euthanasia- Should it be legalized?


Euthanasia is derived from the Greek word which means good death with the intention of relieving pain or suffering. It is also known as mercy killing or physician assisted suicides. As every person has the right to live, he should also have the right to die.

20. Should Triple Talaq be abolished?

In India, we have different religions and there are different religions laws relating to marriage, divorce, adoption, etc. Triple Talaq is one of the Muslim laws which are practiced since time immemorial. It allows a man to divorce thrice. Due to this, women have been suffering injustice in the name of personal law and women’s especially want to abolish it.

21. Should Gorkhaland be given separate state status?

Gorkhaland movement is in Darjeeling. It has been revived because of the imposition of Bengali language on Darjeeling. They should have their own identity. They have their distinct culture. So I think Gorkhaland should be given separate state status.

22. Should homosexuality be legalized?

LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender) are fighting for their rights to legalize homosexuality. They should be allowed to marry a person whom they want to. It’s their life, their wish. If there is any problem with other people, then their interest should be ignored. By the way, what do you think regarding this?

23. Donald Trump Presidency- impact on the world”

Since Donald Trump has come up as president of USA; the USA may not be interested in international affairs as earlier. He criticized free trade too. He may be imposing higher tariffs on Chinese imports. There are so many impacts on the USA and the world.

24. Should violent sports like wrestling be banned?

Violent sports like wrestling, boxing and cage fighting are the most debated sports. At most of the times, wrestlers got injured so badly. Great Khali, too, was injured badly. It will become more violent if no action will be taken.

25. Secularism has become a tool to justify the wrongs done by the minorities

Yes, secularism has become a tool to justify the wrongs done by the minorities. Because people’s thinking is changing. Secularism means equality among different religion, caste, education, etc. But India is becoming a non-secular nation. The government should do something regarding this.


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