Know How To Start Your Career In Software Testing

Software tester plays a very major role in the development of application or software. They are the qualified experts who use certain tools to find out the bugs, poor performance and find out any errors. To perform this activity, they do a different kind of tests-performance, functional, stability, and user acceptance- at all stages of software development life cycle. Testing of software is so important for the maintaining the quality and usability of the final product, the software testers are used at the planning and designing stage of software development life cycle.

Nowadays, software developers play as a hero for the software development projects. They help to find out severe bugs and helps the users from working with the error in a software or any application.

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Background, education, and skills to be posse for making a career in Testing

Employers nowadays look for, the candidate who is having a Bachelor’s degree in computer science, engineering or math. But if a person has a stable work, and letter of recommendations, then it is surely possible to get a job without having a degree in college. You can also take some online courses and improve your profile.

Here are the some of the skills a person should possess for a bright career in software testing:

  1. The best way is to perform software testing in mainly all phases of software development life cycle.
  2. To know about various development methodologies such as a scrum and agile or such environment.
  3. Should possess basic knowledge of testing tools.
  4. Should have fluent knowledge of LINUX, Windows, or UNIX, with command line tools.
  5. Must possess good communication with both the verbal and written with respect to operations, product and customers.
  6. Should have a knowledge of programming language such as of Python, PHP, Java or C++ etc.
  7. Be a multi-tasker.
  8. Create and document automated and manual several plans and procedures, analyze results, and several reports on test problems and anomalies.

Some positions of testing require programming and database skills. And the person just does not need to be an expert in programming only basic knowledge is enough.


Software tester training and resources

As a fresh graduate, a person may not have any exposure in testing. In this case, a person can join any best institute that offers software testing training as this will provide great knowledge and a great hands on experience for getting a good job in testing.


Apart from this, there are many online software testing courses which are available on the internet nowadays and provide great a ource of knowledge for learning software testing and also for cracking interviews.


Software tester opportunities

There is a high demand for software tester in India and outside. The employers are looking for people who must possess good skills of testing. According to a report “In the recent years, there will be a high demand for software testers in the industry due to the massive growth of software development”.

Choose your field in testing

There are mainly three types of testing which is available to choose from:

  1. Manual testing: In this type of testing, a tester plays the role of an end user. In this, the tester uses all the features of the software to find any sort of errors or bugs.
  2. Automation testing: In this testing, the tester has to mainly cross the features of the software that automate the activities of testing. It helps in saving lots of efforts.
  3. Performance testing: This is a special case of testing which is done under a specific target of workload.



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