How internship can help you choose the right career path

Whether an internship is paid, or unpaid they all have equal importance. Internships are beneficial for your bright future. The truth is not all internships pay in stipend, they surely do pay in some or the other ways. Employers expect minimum experience from the job seekers, so internships are essential for a bright career. Here pinpointing some important ways how can internships help you choose the right career path and excel in it.

1. Makes Resume Strong

An internship helps you mention something notable in your resume. Recruiters always prefer the one who has real world experience. “It helps you distinguish from the masses”. It will show that you had done some productive work during your summer or winter break. It shows you did survive the hectic job pressure, are well aware of office etiquettes. Even the recruiting company will find it easy to train you in a certain domain they want you to work further.

2. Real Work Experience

Transitioning from college to a real job can be challenging and during internship interns gain real-work environment so it’s not that arduous for them. The selection process is also quite same as for real job, a large number of applications are invited then the selected ones are called for interview and after that interns are recruited. Once selected interns are assigned to work on real projects. Interns gain real job hierarchy, pressure, time-management.

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3. Networking

During an internship, it is recommended to widen professional network. Take time and talk to everyone you work around with and say at least ‘Hello, how are you?’ or ‘Goodbye, have a great night’ once a while. Making connections with professionals is an important part of professional life. They can even help you land your dream job through their recommendations, they can help you have real outlook about work. Knowing the right person will help you get familiar with a whole reserve of professional resources.


4. Time Management

To be a successful professional you must master the art of Time Management. Interns happen to work on real live projects that have to be completed before the allotted time. Time management is a very important factor that helps gain employee incentives and promotions. Work task has to be submitted before the given deadline. Interns can learn it and eventually apply this skill in their future jobs. You are expected to deliver the task in the specific time segment and with minimum mistakes. This is how the employer gets to know how fast and accurately you can handle any situation.

5. Help You Land Your Dream Job

After the completion of the internship, you get a ‘Letter of Completion’ and a ‘Letter of Recommendation’ which can be used to show your employer that you have successfully completed an internship in the following domain. And if the company you have interned with finds you good enough you can be recruited there also. Some lucky interns even find a full-time salaried job at the same place after their graduation.

An internship is a great place to develop your professional network. If you perform well, your employer will write you a ‘Letter of Recommendation’ which will help you land a foot in your dream company in the future. An internship is a great way to improve your chances as a job applicant and help you be a better potential employee. So make a healthy investment in your career and look into becoming an intern.

Now that you know the benefits of an internship, here’s how you should add your internship experience on your resume.



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