How to introduce yourself in an interview

The first impression is like a silhouette, it follows you. It defines your personality and more importantly, it decides what an employer can expect from you. In order to maintain professionalism in your respective field, you must embrace and work on every bit of flaws that you have. Flaws don’t define your professionalism but working on them helps you set the tone of your career. But, what can we expect from an interview?

Interviews can be intimidating to say the very least. They are exhausting and soul crushing. But to break the ice you must ensure not to pull a Michael Scott in your interview. Because the great Michael Scott once said “I sometimes will start my sentence and I don’t even know where it’s going. I hope that I find it along the way.”

Jokes aside, before any job interview a proper research must be conducted in order to be aware of what territory you are stepping in because there is a high chance of getting killed in an uncharted territory.

But don’t worry, we are here to help you and guide you on how to introduce yourself in an interview.

Tell me about yourself

This is embarrassingly the most stereotypical Job interview question and a universal one too. The goal of your employer is to find someone who fits the job criteria and for that, he will want to keep his end as constricted as possible because a bad hire also will reflect upon the fact that he is bad at making decisions.

So as generic it may sound, you must keep your introduction short and precise. Your emphasis must not dwindle into something petty but to emphasize your experience, enthusiasm, and proof of performance. You have to make sure that in every way you make your employer understand that you are fit for the respective job.

Common mistakes often include recitation of one’s resume. Please make sure that you don’t sound extremely technical. Your answer must be organic with subtle technicalities.

Important tips to keep in mind before you enter the den

  • Focus on what most interests the interviewer, start with your most recent job, your key qualification, and professional qualities
  • Highlight your greatest achievements that draw attention to your accomplishments
  • Books/ Author you prefer to read
  • Keep in mind that every point must be relevant


Body Language

From the first handshake to the end of your interview, your body language will reflect your personality. Because your employer will expect sincerity and professional behavior from you. Your goal is to connect with your employer rather than dozing him off by describing how your summer internship went. And I repeat “You must make him feel that in every way you are fit for this job”

Interview is not a monologue

An interview is like a dialogue, it is short and precise which also reflects upon your characteristics.  Consider that you are pitching in for a product and in any way, you have to make sure that the buyer is ready to buy the product be satisfied with it. Always exclude the redundancies. Your pitch must comprise your experience, quality traits and also your personal critique upon your performance.


You are your own weapon in an interview. You have the answer to everything. But it is always safe to keep thriving on guidelines. You can be unconventional but as long as your interview seems professional enough, you can always entice your employer.

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