How to answer, ‘Why should we hire you?’

“Why should we hire you?” Is another commonly asked question in an interview. If they are asking this question, it means the interviewer is giving you the chances to sell yourself.
Your answer to this interview question would break your chances for the job. You need a brief pitch which should match up with the experiences and also with the employers’ needs.
You will need to make yourself so appealing that they can’t imagine selecting any other person. A good salesperson knows what customers generally expect. So look at it like that. All you have to do is to know the need of business before you get into the job, the knowledge and skills for the particular required field.
Now here is a section where we are going to discuss the best answers to QUESTIONS on “Why should we hire you”?


I am a fresher and I have just started my career, I am not having any practical experience, but I really want to practically research and experience my potential by providing the best services to the company/organization. It will be my honor and respect to work with you and with this company’s employees.
As per my knowledge, the primary goal of any company while hiring freshers is their hardworking nature, team player and proactiveness in past years. I am hard working, team player and proactive – in my school and colleges, I was one among that set of students who had been finishing there task or assignments on time and respected by my peers.
I am the best fit for this job profile, due to my formidable networking, analytical and problem-solving skills. Also, I have practical experience in many of the Operating Systems.

Answer- Technical support engineer

Required Skills: Excellent analytical skill, and problem solving skill. You should be good in team work, sharing ideas, exploring self and group discussions, interacting with customers and clients. Also, should have excellent computer knowledge.

Answer: As, I am a fresher, I don’t have any work experience, but I strongly believe that I am capable and knowledgeable enough to contribute in a way that will surely be beneficial for the company’s growth point of view.

I can ensure you that I will always focus on the company’s vision and goal that can become a reason of company success to reach heights.

If, I get this opportunity – I would surely apply newly obtained skills & would always think for the company’s benefits.

Answer- Graphic designer

Required skills: Deeper visualization & thinking skills. Candidate applying in this field should be skilled in Adobe Photoshop, Coral Draw, Adobe Acrobat X Pro, and Dreamweaver.

Answer: I am a fresher, but very dedicated towards my work, and excited to get this job. As per the job requirement, I have a better understanding of designing tools, like Adobe Photoshop, and Coral Draw. I have not chosen this job profile just to earn money but I have chosen just because of my interest and passion in this field.

Answer- Technical writer

Required Skills: Good command in oral & written communication skills and also in presentation skills. Basic knowledge of marketing, advertising, media planning, Adobe Framemaker & Pagemaker and Adobe Acrobat X Pro is also advised.

Answer: I don’t have professional work experience, but I feel that I am the right fit person for this job profile. I am a fast learner, hardworking, sincere, self-motivated and a self-organized and dedicated towards work.

Since my schooling, I have very good control of Computer, English literature & language and I have also scored the highest in these two subjects. As I am MBA student, I have out-standing communication skills, presentation skills, and marketing skills.

All these qualities make me ideal for this required job profile. If I get this golden opportunity to prove myself in the department I have long waited for, I can promise you that I will be an asset to your company.

Answer- Nurse

Required skills: Good communication and interpersonal skills. Take care of the patient and patients’ records. Should have knowledge of all instruments used for patient care. Also, punctuality is advised.

Answer: As I don’t have any nursing experience, however, being a fresher I am very passionate to get into this job. I can’t see anyone ill and helpless for no reason. From the age when people decide their career, my aim was to become a nurse for well known medical hospitals like yours; it’s a dream comes true for me.

Answer- System Administrator

Required skills: Deeper knowledge of Linux/Windows OS, Web Technologies, IIS, and DNS. Also, the candidate should be good in Web Hosting and Server Monitoring.

Answer: The candidate applying for this field should have strong technical knowledge of all major OS, server, and web technologies.

I am a hard-working and very flexible person.

Pro-Tip: You should keep in mind that when you are figuring out how to answer interview question like “Why should we hire you?” Your answer should only last for a minute or two.


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