Higher Studies OR Job after Graduation?

“Learning is like a set of natural numbers; it is never ending”. No matter what you pursue, learning is one common element.

Everyone surpasses various milestones in their academic career, after which they reach the epoch-making milestone i.e. Graduation. One gets optimal exposure to academic knowledge and non-scholastic activities and discovers what their passion actually is, in this phase. After this, every thought goes through the 3D cycle – Dilemma, Discussion and Decision, and hail all, here comes the toughest decision, Higher studies or Job?

Both the options create opportunities as well as obstacles. What are they?

Option 1: Higher studies

According to a recent survey, out of 86% graduates, only 12% opt for higher education. Of these, majority stay back and enrich the overseas economy, while only a handful returns to India, leaving us in dire need for proficient ‘post graduates’.


  • You become affluent in terms of knowledge
  • You will obtain social & academic exposure
  • Value addition when it comes to your Curriculum Vitae/Resume
  • After completion, chances of you acing your peers in terms of designation/work portfolio is high.


  • Your entry to the Corporate world will be much later compared to your peers
  • Quite a financial strain for those belonging to a fair economic background

Courses one can pursue after Graduation:

Commerce stream: Chartered Accountancy, Company Secretary (these can be pursued collaterally with Graduation also), MBA, MCom, MCA, etc.

Science Stream: LLB, IAS/IPS/IFS, Paramedical courses, PGDM, etc.

Arts Stream: B.Ed., Hotel Management, MA, Travel and Tourism, etc.

You can also look at these online courses to boost your career.


Option 2: Job

As a rejoinder to the above option, we have jobs. After successful completion of Graduation, the very prevalent ‘campus interviews’ shall put across various rounds, after which you secure a Job.


  • You are yet a germinating seed in the Corporate world. Hereby, you get to learn a lot, gain sufficient experience to go higher up the ladder of success
  • This is the best option for those independent headed ‘young’ adults who want to fund their higher education
  • Your first earning! Nothing else will give you that eternal feeling
  • You can also amass sufficient funds for your higher studies
  • Many MNCs nowadays fund the higher education of their employees, provided you prove to be an asset to them
  • Without your own knowledge, you will imbibe tact i.e. art and skill of dealing with people, in any given ambiance


  • It’s time to bundle up your collegiate, playful attitude and gear up for a tightly-packed work schedule
  • Some companies follow a practice where you sign a bond with the company, to work with them, for a stipulated period, an average of 11months to 2years. On the breach of this agreement, a huge sum has to be paid as compensation. If you have plans to go for higher educations, check these clauses properly before you sign any agreement

If you are interested in a job, then apart from traditional career look at these new career paths are available for freshers as well.


After considering all these aspects, do what’s best for your career, paralleling it with your passion. It is also the Entrepreneurial Era now, where anyone with realistic ideas and means to implement them, can become future business tycoons. No risk, no return!

Robert Frost, in his famous poem, “The Road Not Taken”, talks of two roads diverged in the woods, and how he can’t leave his trails on both. Similarly, you can’t adopt both of these complementary decisions. These two paths are being debated about, since inception. But as an aspiring young mind, you have to put every thought through the 3D cycle. Make the best choice, the smart choice!


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