What your hand posture reveals to interviewers

Body language plays a very important role while in the Interview process. You can say what you want during a job interview, but if your body language tells a different story, you may sometimes seem insecure, unreliable or arrogant.

1. Initiate the handshake

After sitting, first simply make a handshake with the interviewer. Do not wait for the interviewer to initiate the handshake first. Go ahead and begin your interview with the firm handshake. This hand posture reveals that you feel confident and that you can begin to start with the interview.

2. Never cross your arms

At the time of the interview, crossed arms reveal a ‘closed’ impression. As a conclusion, crossed arms are mainly often interpreted as a symbol status of uncertainty, unreliability or lack of interest. Try to avoid that, and do not cross arms.

3. Use your arms and hands to emphasize your story

The candidate must use hands to emphasize the message. Make a self-practice of this at home in front of the mirror with your friends and family. On the world of internet, you can find lots of informative videos that demonstrate how you can emphasize more on different messages with your arms and hands.

4. Posture of arms and hands if you are not speaking

At the time of the interview, if you are not speaking put your hands on your lap or on the table. If you put your arms and hands on the table, then just get over to your communication partners. This way the interviewer has a set up in mind that you are listening attentively. You can surely fold your hands loosely, but make sure you do not squeeze the blood out of your fingers.

5. Don’t touch yourself too much

This may mostly sound odd, but it is natural to touch your cheeks, nose, and lips when you are speaking. Try to avoid this. If you merely touch your face too much or if you play more with your hands, fingers or jewelry it shows that you are insecure and unreliable.

6. Avoid a tense impression with your hands and fingers

Always holds and move your hands in a calm position and natural manner when you are talking in front of the interviewer. Try to make and keep your hands still if you are not talking. Don’t just stick on the table and don’t make other any rhythmic movements that can reveal your stress.

7. Don’t always use your hands while speaking

At the time of Interview don’t always use your hand’s postures while talking. Put your hands on the table in a definite way which shows that you are listening during the interviewer.


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