How I got my internship at Flipkart and how it looks like!

So, you are interested in doing an internship? Yes. Great! Let’s talk of Flipkart the ‘Queen Bee of Indian E-commerce’. With their signature tagline being “Ab har wish hogi poori“, let us tell you how this amazing online retail venture is surely emerging as a dream for all aspiring interns. Flipkart’s internship program- FLINTERNSHIP not only awards you a certificate and a decent stipend but also let you work with some of India’s most creative minds. We got a chance to talk to one of the Interns of Flipkart, Rahul Tudu. So, let’s explore.

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Rahul: There are few things which I would like to know from you? The company where you are interning right now what does it do?

Yuvraj (DreamBegins’ Team): It’s a company founded by IIT alumnus. It’s an online recruiting company, it makes fetching jobs easier for aspirants.

Rahul: Is is similar to LinkedIn?

Yuvraj (DreamBegins’ Team): No

Rahul: So how is it different?

Yuvraj (DreamBegins’ Team): It’s a career network for students, where students can find many job opportunities. Based on their aptitude score and psychometric assessment, each student is offered opportunities they deserve. The platform connects aspirants directly to the company, irrespective of their college brand and GPA.

Rahul: Oh Nice! Now that’s something innovative where you connect student directly to recruiting company.

Yuvraj (DreamBegins’ Team): Yes it is. And in the near future, they will be starting AI interface which will interview students. It will be first of a kind in India. All the interview will be virtual and students will be evaluated based on their communication, knowledge and body language.

Rahul: Fine, got it. So we can begin now.

Yuvraj (DreamBegins’ Team): So, let’s begin. Please tell us about your educational background?

Rahul: I passed my high school from Pranavananda Vidyamandir, Durgapur and then was enrolled in IIT Kanpur in CSE.


Yuvraj (DreamBegins’ Team): When was it when you were selected in Flipkart’s internship?

Rahul: It was during my 3rd year that I was selected for FLINTERNSHIP that also with 5.6 CPI. Since Flipkart didn’t have any CPI criteria, so I got it.

Yuvraj (DreamBegins’ Team): Tell us about the various screening/selection process?

Rahul: They were judging on the basis of coding challenges, data structures, and algorithm. So first was coding round consisting of 3 questions. People with average CPI and who did 2 of them, got a chance for an interview. But people with bad CPI like me were given the chance for interview only if they solved all the 3. Luckily I solved all the 3. There was just 1 interview round of data structures and algorithms. 2 questions roughly it took 20 mins to solve the first one and 15 mins for the second one. I had to give another round due to low CPI, they wanted to check me again, 3 questions and I took roughly half an hour to solve all of them and I got the internship. For the interview round, you just have to describe the algorithm, no coding here. So, this was the interview process.

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Yuvraj (DreamBegins’ Team): Did they prefer any specific programming language or it was student’s choice?

Rahul: They had few choices, although I selected C++ for the coding round.

Yuvraj (DreamBegins’ Team): In which domain did you work during your internship?


Rahul: So my work was on the backend of their android app like analytics, auto updation of their apps, integrating sdk, etc. In brief, I was in their android team.

Yuvraj (DreamBegins’ Team): So, what about the team you were working with? There must have been a team of interns, Right? Please tell us about it.

Rahul: Yes, there were people from different colleges and from around India mostly from IITs, NITs, and IIITs.

Yuvraj (DreamBegins’ Team): So, tell us about your internship experience?

Rahul: It was good, I liked the work very much, and I used to work there. 1 outing, team work, parties were other perks.

Yuvraj (DreamBegins’ Team): So, what about the dress code, office timing, and internship location?

Rahul: Talking of dress code. It was nothing; I used to go in half pants, shirt, and chappal. There was complete freedom. No timings but I used to go at 10 am and come back at 6 or 7. The internship was full-time located at Bengaluru.

Yuvraj (DreamBegins’ Team): Was it paid or un-paid internship?

Rahul: It was a paid internship and I used to receive Rs 50,000 per month as stipend.

Yuvraj (DreamBegins’ Team): So was it like only students of top notch college were there or also students from Tier II and Tier III colleges?

Rahul: Yes, they go, but off campus. There was a guy from Tier II college, he talked to the engineering head and got that chance.

Yuvraj (DreamBegins’ Team): What did you like the most about the internship?

Rahul: The free food, the MacBook, freedom, and coding challenges.

Yuvraj (DreamBegins’ Team): Free food is what we can do anything for? (laughs!)

Rahul: Yes, surely. (laughs!)


Yuvraj (DreamBegins’ Team): Seems like you are a taekwondo freak. How did you manage everything during your internship?

Rahul: You said, you like to eat, right? So think, how much busy are you, you will find time to eat. It is like this. How much busy am I, I used to go for martial arts. 1 and half hour each day and that is enough. During the internship, I used to practice but without any coach.

Yuvraj (DreamBegins’ Team): Oh! I forgot to ask about your FLINTERN competition.

Rahul: So this was where you can make any software or program which can be useful for an ordinary person. So I made a chrome extension for laptops/computer where if you open too many tabs, they will be managed by that software and I secured 3rd position. They gave prizes, Rs 2,000 XOXO Voucher and a certificate of recognition.


Yuvraj (DreamBegins’ Team): Any advice for students who want to join Flipkart or other similar company for an internship?

Rahul: Just concentrate on your coding skills, data structures, and algorithms. Be cool, don’t think your CPI is a problem. And learn something new every day.

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