How to go about a pre-placement talk

Pre placement talk or PPT is a formal and informal meeting arranged by the company, in order to meet and learn more about the fresh yet-to-join employees as well as introduce them to the company, their rules, and regulations, code of conduct. The company may also present pictures of the workplace, the premises to give an insight into the work ambiance. This is quite an interactive event, involving two-way communication between the company’s presenter and the aspiring employees. The employees also get an idea regarding whether the company’s offerings are up to the benchmark of their requirements or no.  Pre placement talks help the company to project itself in the most positive and progressive light, to be able to ascertain, approximately though, as to how many candidates are really interested in the company, and also, if anyone fails to get recruited, to ensure that given a chance, they would come back.

As a prospective employee, you are expected to stay alerted and active during the session. And not just this, you also have to ask questions and doubts to resolve any ambiguities, and also portray an image that you are interested in the company and wish to be a part of it. Any kind of carefree attitude or unparliamentary language must be avoided.

Coming to the questions and doubts one must ask at a Pre placement talk, there are certain pro forma questions that you can ask, for your knowledge and also to make the presenter believe that it makes a difference to you. Other than these, you can also ask any other question, on a professional level, keeping in mind your boundaries. In the case of a taken for granted, collegiate mindset, this isn’t the right place.


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The best way to ensure none of your queries go answered is, take a pen & paper to the PPT and jot down all your questions. ‘What you get v/s what you expect’ must be the basis for your queries. Bifurcate your queries into:

  • Queries regarding the interview process
  • Queries regarding the company

And now, the million-dollar question – What questions should one ask and why? Here’s a list of some vital questions you must ask, and the reason behind it:

Could you put some light on the kind of projects that the company works on?

Why: You get to know the prospective job profiles you may be offered/ the diversity of functions in the company

What are the various training programs the employees are put through?

Why: Training can be ‘On the Job’ or ‘Off the Job’, depending upon the nature of the job. This helps you connect dots between the training tasks and actual workplace responsibilities. Also, find out the duration of training. Nowadays, training in Java, C ++ and many programming languages are given my organizations, to ensure knowledge in all areas.


What is the scope of growth?

Why:  It is always best to know the aspects considered for promotion, the designations to secure, and the grounds on which the company shall provide an opportunity to pursue higher studies abroad if any.

What is the bond period?

Why: Every company has a stipulated period of which you remain bound to it and on the breach of which, you are liable to pay compensation. The bond period must always be reasonable for both your career and growth. It shouldn’t lead to stagnancy in your corporate career.

Is functional switch also included?

Why: You may be asked to switch from the Marketing department to the Finance department, or between various departments. This way of job rotation helps you gain an overall perspective of the company but is tedious and chaotic if it made a regular practice.

How does the appraisal system work here?

Why: You can estimate the areas you need to concentrate, the areas you need to improvise and the areas you can save time & effort and invest it elsewhere. Also, make sure, your job profile and the appraisal grounds are correlated.

How is the company going about CSR?

Why: We all know, Corporate Social Responsibility is now a vital aspect. Every company, if not with the true intent of improving societal standards, at least to enhance their own image, are taking it up. By stating this, you get an idea of their social welfare activities, and get noticed for showcasing your knowledge!

And finally, the Indian Rupee question, the pay scale?

Why: Now this requires the least justification. We all want fair pay, and incentives & bonus at regular intervals. Ultimately, we expect the right reward for the right job at the right time. Make yourself clear, but do not portray a money-oriented picture of yourself, as experience matters too.

With the help of these questions, you’ll get a crystal clear image of what your prospective job will look like, the work environment, your expectations, your career in the near future. Etch it in your memory that asking questions is very essential, do not wait for others to read your mind/ take initiative. Go for it, find your answers, and your path of success too!


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