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Internships have become indispensable these days, for every student, across the world. They give you a competitive edge in this era of cut-throat competition where survival of the fittest has become the order of the day.

There are a plethora of internships available for everyone to choose from. However, working with bigger names in the respective fields has its own advantages. There are zillion questions in one’s mind when one begins to apply for internships at these bigger companies. This article is going to make the picture a little clearer for you.

OYO rooms, of course, you have heard of it, has revolutionized the way India travels and stays. We try to give you a little picture of how to grab an internship at this place and how working here enriches your experience.

We spoke with Satya Baral (earlier an intern with OYO, now a Project Manager with the same), Sukhbinder Singh (an intern of 2016) and Krina Rupani (currently an intern at OYO).  Let’s find out what they have to say.

Archana (DreamBegins’ Team): So, let’s begin with your educational background. Give me a little introduction of your academic degrees.

Satya: (LinkedIn Profile) I am doing engineering from KIIT, Bhubaneshwar. Currently, I am in my fourth year.

Sukhbinder: (Linkedin Profile) I did my schooling from Abhinav Bharati High School Kolkata. I did my degree course in Bachelor in Business Administration from Ilead College Kolkata.

Krina: (Linkedin Profile) I am a final year BTech in Computer Science Student from KIIT, Bhubaneswar. I’ve passed HSC from Jamshedpur, Carmel Junior College.

Archana (DreamBegins’ Team): Before beginning with how OYO happened, tell me what interesting things your CV includes apart from the academic degrees.

Satya: Let me tell you that one doesn’t need to be academically excellent to get an internship. I am myself a 6-pointer (currently I am in my fourth year), but I have done about 6-7 internships hitherto and now I am also working as a Project Manager at OYO rooms. Before OYO, I had already done about 5-6 internships at companies like Urbanclap, Nearby, and others. So, my CV has a lot of work experience.

Sukhbinder: Before joining Oyo I interned with a professional networking App “Zuloc”. I worked for India International Mega Trade Fair organized by G.S. Marketing. I was one of the finalists for the National Level Business Plan Competition (2014-2015). I am the former President of Ilead College Student Council.

Krina: Yes, as a matter of fact, I’ve always indulged into more of extra-curricular so it included participation in events, organizing committees, leadership board of a college society, debates, elocutions, and anchoring.


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Archana (DreamBegins’ Team): All of you have been quite active during your college life. That is one thing potential interns can learn after reading this. Now let’s begin with OYO. Tell us a little about how it began for you.

Satya: I found about OYO sales internship on Letsintern whereafter I applied for it and sent my CV. It was basically a work from home internship. I can also tell you one thing, now that I am working as a Project Manager with OYO, that while selecting interns work experience matters immensely. Other things they look for is, of course, your communication skills and maybe some random questions like the interviewer may ask you to persuade him/her to book an OYO room and things like that.

Sukhbinder: I applied in 2016 while in college. The internship was for two months. I started in the month of December 2016.

Krina: I began the internship mid-September,2016 and I still work for OYO. I read about it through a common friend on social media and filled up a form which had a few HR questions.


Archana (DreamBegins’ Team): What were the screening/selecting processes once you applied?

Satya: Their team contacted me. I was given a target to accomplish. I had to bring in 10-15 customers for their hotels within 15 days which I achieved and hence the internship began.

Sukhbinder: I got a call from one of the MM CEO and got an offer for the internship followed by an interview taken by Kolkata Hub Head.

Krina: There was a telephonic interview after I filled the form which had some questions. The questionnaire and the interview together judged the caliber to get through the internship. It is a live internship. For me, it is work from home internship.

Archana (DreamBegins’ Team): What was your area of work during the internship?

Satya: I was a sales intern. I had to increase their visibility on social media platforms and bring in maximum customers. From time to time we were given targets to achieve. My first target was to bring in 100 bookings within 45 days and I feel proud to tell you that within 45 days, I was able to bring in 345 bookings precisely which was the highest among 25-30 people who were working with me. We, as sales intern were basically given an app, wherein we can provide discount coupons to people who would book an OYO room after our persuasion.

Sukhbinder: I was a sales intern. My job was to bring new bookings and generate corporate leads.

Krina: Initially I only dealt with getting leads from in and around my college, slowly spreading to events across India, conversions and then a few collaborations as well.

Archana (DreamBegins’ Team): How was the first day at the internship?

Satya: Since it was a work from home internship for me, the first day I interacted with the mentors who explained to me the nature of the work. They provided training from time to time in specific areas. They were very helpful and easy to interact with.

Sukhbinder: First day at internship was pretty good. It was the first time I was working with a national level brand. I was very excited.

Krina: The first day was more of an overview of my profile and job description, target audience, group discussions, query handling, knowing guest policies, knowing about OYO and installing the MITR app.

Archana (DreamBegins’ Team): How much stipend did you get?

Satya: It was a performance based internship. As I told you before, we had to get bookings through an app called OYO-MITR where we gave discounts to people. In this app, we could set our own commissions individually. Within 45 days of my internship, I was able to get around Rs.15,000.

Sukhbinder: I was not getting any kind of stipend. I just got the experience letter.

Krina: As was mentioned in the application form, the stipend totally depended upon my work performance which was satisfactory enough. Along with the stipend, I’ve been gifted with Amazon gift vouchers, an HP backpack, lots of BookMyShow vouchers as well. The perks were immense!


Archana (DreamBegins’ Team): How would you describe the group of interns that you worked with?

Satya: It was a diverse group. There were people from various educational backgrounds. It is a wrong perception that big companies only hire students with big college/university name.

Sukhbinder: I was working with the Park Street Zone team. In our team, there were 3-4 Demand Managers who were looking after the sales & bookings which were headed by the MM CEO of the Zone. My job was to assist the Demand Manager by generating leads. It was very interesting to work with so many people from various backgrounds. We had some interesting conversations and we came up with really great ideas.

Krina: I initially worked in a team of 30. The top performers were in turn put into higher groups. Eventually, I became the leader of a few groups and handled my groups of 30 interns each. My co-interns were from all across the country and diverse colleges. We all came with a  motive to learn and enhance our knowledge by working together.


Archana (DreamBegins’ Team): Tell our audience a little about the dress code, office timings etc.

Satya: Mine was a work from home internship.

Sukhbinder: From Monday to Friday we use to wear Formals and on Saturday semi formals.

Krina: It was work from home for me as well.

Archana (DreamBegins’ Team): How was the work environment at OYO rooms?

Satya: It was very nice. Our seniors and mentors were very supportive. We learned a lot from them.

Sukhbinder: Work Environment was good. Everyone had a helpful attitude towards each other. The communication between the sales, marketing, and business development team was transparent which helped to solve customer query in less time.

Krina: It’s amazing. We work round the clock. There are intense discussions that happen any time of the day when you are free regarding queries, escalations, client handling and the like. The leaders are always available just a text or call away. Everybody shares a comfortable and professional relationship.

Archana (DreamBegins’ Team): How was your overall experience of the internship at OYO rooms?

Satya: It was wonderful. I learned that there are endless opportunities if one is willing to take risks.

Sukhbinder: It was an excellent experience. I enjoyed every bit of it.

Krina: It’s a one of a kind experience. It honestly is life-changing, giving you an insight into real-life sales and marketing, ways to increase outreach, learn to cold call, speak professionally, bring in collaborations, offline marketing, social media marketing, handle escalations, work in a team, lead a team, negotiate, understand and respect opinions, make mistakes and learn from them. It’s been almost a year interning for OYO and it feels like my own company now, always has.

Archana (DreamBegins’ Team): What was the best thing you liked about this internship?

Satya: For me, that would be the fact that it was a work from home internship. I could do various things simultaneously and also get a taste of working at a big company like OYO.

Sukhbinder: The best thing I liked about this internship is that I got a real time exposure with the corporate world. I got to learn many new things which are not there in our academic syllabus.

Krina: The best thing is that people are always willing to help you out. For example, if I have a client based out of Delhi and I stay in Bhubaneswar, there will always be somebody from my team up to volunteer to have a face to face meeting with the client and crack the deal. Also, the leaders boost our confidence and help in every possible way with planning and strategy, change in markets and the like.Videos by Ritesh Sir and Abhinav Sir also help us to change our ways of understanding market scenarios and sales. All ideas are discussed upon thoroughly.

Archana (DreamBegins’ Team): Any advice that you would like to give to prospective interns?

Satya: Of course. Firstly, your college name doesn’t matter but your work experiences do. Before landing this internship at OYO rooms, I had already done about 5-6 internships which made my CV look better and played a crucial role in getting me selected. I would also say that one should begin working/internship with start-ups. They provide you a kind of flexibility along with professionalism. So go ahead and take risks. Most importantly, follow your passion where you have the maximum chance of excelling.

Sukhbinder: Interns have to have the right attitude if they want to be successful. A good internship can lead to a good job, great references and valuable experience. Always select your internship according to your career objective. Stay focused the world will follow you.

Krina: All I would say is that do not back out from pouring in ideas, produce results in the form of numbers and actively participate in group discussions because they help a lot in the long run. Know your work well and shower your doubts. People are glad to always help you out. OYO will help you grow a little bit every day.

Archana (DreamBegins’ Team): Thank you so much to all three of you for being so generous with your answers and time. We wish you all the best for your future endeavors. I hope your interview helps more and more of potential interns. Once again, thank you.

All three: Most welcome and all the best to you too.


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