Email you can send to the recruiter after being rejected from the job

Rejections are always bad. No human is ready for or has a fondness for rejection. More so when it is about getting rejected from the job that you so desperately/ not-so-desperately wanted. But in moments like these, you can add some positivity to your future options. You ask me how?

Well, here is the thing. Frustration and negative words are the most common of responses when one gets rejected from a job. You, however, can choose to do something less common. Send a follow-up email to your recruiter. Sounds bad? I know! It will suck. You will be short of words to type in that follow-up email. You will try to write good things but your brain will keep you indulged in the negative image of the recruiter and the company. But trust me once you are done with it, you will not only feel light, you will also be able to create a positive image of yourself which is very helpful in the long run.

So let’s lessen your stress a bit and try to devise the ways in which you can write that good, positive email to your recruiter after being rejected.

Be genuine and gracious

It is alright to talk about your disappointment after being rejected, but don’t overdo it. Everyone, including your recruiter, knows that you are bound to be disappointed. So write about it then. You can write something like: ‘I am disappointed that I could not perform up to your level of expectations’. Criticizing the recruiter’s selection skills, which you must have already done with your friends & family is no use. It will kill the whole purpose of writing this email. Be gracious and talk about the genuine issue.


Professionalism is the key

Your tone, while writing the entire email should be strictly professional and nothing else. There is no need to question them about why they did not hire you or what is the criteria they used for selection. Your professional tone will create a positive impression and show your good intent.


Show interest

The whole purpose of writing this letter is to show that you are still interested and that you don’t harbor any ill-feelings. It is an opportunity for you to show that you are open to and interested in further opportunities and job vacancies that come at a later date. Your interest in the letter might also get you selected later. Recruiters usually tend to remember interested candidates with positive behavior.

Ask for feedback

At the end of the letter when you are done showing your disappointment, followed by your interest, you can also ask for a feedback from the recruiter. Everyone likes giving advice (even if they don’t apply it to themselves). This act of yours can do two things: a) it will make the recruiter go back in his mind to your particular interview and think of why he/she did not select you. b) it will make the recruiter feel important. This way there is a larger possibility of them remembering you and considering you for later opportunities.

So you see my friend, this is how you can turn an adversity into an opportunity. So don’t wait for anything else and make sure to write that email after being rejected.

Happy writing!

More power to you.


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