What Changes We Should Bring in Education Sector To Make It More Relevant?

Rabindranath Tagore had written many articles on how Indian Education System should be changed. Few things have changed. Now, we have IITs, IIMs, law faculties and many others. Now, students routinely score around 85%-90% but students scoring 90+ percentages also find it difficult to get admission in their dream institution.

Students study to score good marks in exams, or sometimes to crack entrance exams like SSC, NET, and CLAT etc.

Creating more schools or colleges and universities will not solve the crisis of education system.

India is a country where people consider education as means of climbing the economic ladder. If there is any failure in education, it would not be due to lack of good education; it will be because due to lack of quality education.

Let’s think what we should do to bring change in Indian education system? Here are my viewpoints:

1. Focus Should Be On Skill Based Education

Indian education system is influenced towards testing knowledge at each and every stage as compared to teaching skills. If we teach a man any skill, we enable him for the lifetime. What all we learn is forgotten after the exams. As time passes, Indian students are cramming everything. Actually, according to the education system, best crammers are awarded. This is the major flaw of our Indian education system.

2. Honor Creativity, Research, Innovation and Original Thinking

Our Indian education system rarely honors who deserves highest accolades. Our testing should be designed to recognize contributions, creativity, original research, problem solving and innovation. If we do it wholeheartedly, Indian education system will change overnight.

Cramming is not learning; the biggest flaw in our education system.

3. Get Smarter People to Teach

Teaching is treated as a safe job, risk-free and low-pressure jobs. Almost every teacher says in each class “If you won’t study hard, it is entirely your loss. I will get my salary every month anyway.” She/he does not try to teach students in an innovative manner so that they could learn whatever is being taught.

Hundreds of teachers are wasting valuable time of students’ every day.

4. Implement Massive Technology Infrastructure for Education

There is need to embrace internet technology in India if it wants to teach its huge population, majority lives in remote villages.

Also, instead of investing in brick and mortar institutions, educational delivery mechanisms need to be created.

5. Re-Define the Purpose of the Education System

India has a colonial education system. We have many engineering students, but they are not good enough in technological innovation. Rather, India is busy in running call centers.

6. Personalize Education-One Size Does Not Fit All

Indian education system has a presumption that if anything is good for a kid, it is good for all children.

Some students learn fast, some slow. Some students are audio-visual learners; others can be audio learners while some learn through experience. If education system wants to provide education to students, they have to assume that one size doesn’t fits all.

7. Make Reservation Irrelevant

India has a reservation system but it has to be rationalized. It is not a solution. If we want to be a developed country, we need to have a good education system for everyone.

As you may know, there is no reservation available in online education because it is for masses. Many reputed universities are providing courses online. You can attend a lecture of Oxford University online if you wish to do so. This is our future.

If you think there should be some other changes in our Indian education system, share your ideas with us.

Written By: Anisha Jindal

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