How to answer: ‘Why should you be hired for this internship?’

This one question plays a very important role in getting you internships. It can either fetch you one internship that you have always wanted or it can disqualify you.

Every company/institution/organization that you apply for is definitely going to ask you this question. That is why it becomes very important to prepare this question before handed. And even if they don’t ask this question, the knowledge about this question will only enhance your self-awareness.

This question if answered properly can definitely fetch you that much-desired internship you have been waiting to add to your CV.

Highlight your skills

You need to learn to market yourself and your relevant skills. Imagine a shop where a lot of things are on display. The potential customers come and choose the product according to its utility for him/her and then buys it. Similarly to be picked from a number of interns, you need to display yourself in a manner where your utility to your prospective buyer (in this case the interviewer) seems much greater than others.

Talk about your interests

If you are really passionate about getting an internship at a certain place, then I am sure you have lots of reasons in your mind, that, why you want to do it. Talk about these reasons, these interests you have. Interviewer definitely wants somebody who is genuinely interested in the work they do.


Be genuine

Whatever answer you give, make sure, to be honest, and genuine in your replies. Because the people sitting in the interview board are way more experienced than you. They can quickly separate your truths from the lies. So you would definitely not want to create a wrong image of yours on these people.

Maintain your confidence

It is very crucial to keep yourself calm, composed and confident. Sometimes more than your academic achievements, your confidence matters and can play a vital role in sailing you through the interview. Everyone likes to employ individuals who know what they are talking and why they are talking.

So be informed, aware and have faith in your capabilities. Following these few pieces of advice is definitely going to get you the internships that you want to. Go ahead and fetch yourselves some good internships.

All the best!


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