8 verticals to explore for internship experience this year

Internships are a way for us to get a taste of what it feels like to work in the real world and how to overcome various tasks and challenges. There are various interesting fields for you to pursue internships, that can be helpful in the long run. Here are 8 verticals to explore for internship experience this year.

1. Content Writing Internship

Content writing is one of the fastest growing internship sectors in India. This is due to a large number of start-ups being founded, who constantly need content for their sites and blogs for the promotion of their company. The content writing itself has various types in which a person can intern and includes technical writing, research and report writing, business writing and various others.

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2. Social Media Marketing Internship

This sector has seen an exponential rise in the recent years as Social Media has seen an unprecedented growth and has come out as one of the biggest marketing platforms. Facebook just crossed 2.01 billion monthly active users in July 2017, which is a 17 percent increase year over year. This means that 1 out of every 5 people on this earth have a Facebook account. This shows that social media is an ideal platform for marketing and interning in this field is essential in the future.

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3. Digital Growth Hacker Internship

Growth Hacking focusses on the promotion of a product/service irrespective of the platform used for promotion. It does share some similarities with Social Media Marketing. It is a growing field, as start-ups today prefer to hire Digital Growth Hackers to Digital Marketing Managers.

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4. Data Scientist Internship

A data scientist is a professional who organizes and analyzes large sets of data to offer solutions to an organization’s problems. Data Scientist as a career path is seeing a very sharp growth (~57%) as it is now being extensively used for analyzing a consumer’s mindset and cater to their needs.

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5. Ethical Hacking Internship

Today, there is a colossal interest for ethical hackers in the market, who cannot just defend the organizations from cyber crimes yet additionally help them to evaluate their digital security readiness. As indicated by Data Security Council of India, the digital security is expected to develop to USD 35 billion by 2025. These figures are clear sign that the nation has a tremendous shortage of qualified cyber security experts. Therefore, interning in this field can be quite useful.

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6. Graphic Design Internship

Graphic Designing in India is counted among best in the world and will be for a long time. As the outsourcing right now is at an unparalleled high. The Europeans and Americans are outsourcing a huge segment of their work because of exorbitant wage in their countries. So this field has tremendous growth potential but will face rivalry for clear reasons.

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7. Mobile App Development Internship

As the number of apps available for a user on mobiles is increasing exponentially, 3 million in March 2017 compared to 1 million in July 2014 for Google Play Store, there is a huge demand for mobile app developers with some experience and you can gain that experience by pursuing an internship in this field.

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8. Web Designing Internship

The dominance of e-Commerce has created the requirement for organizations to set up their web presence has prompted the rise of Web Designing as an imperative function. An ever-increasing number of associations are selecting inward Web Designing groups or are utilizing outside organizations to roll out proficient sites for them.

Web Designing in India has gained tremendous popularity. An expanding number of students are heading towards institutes to be certified as a specialist in Web design.

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