8 hottest online courses for freshers or college students with certificate starting in 2017!

In the current professional scenario, having a graduation degree is not enough. You need to have an edge over your competitors in order to get your dream job. That edge can be in the form of online courses that offer certificates on their completion. You will have a major trump card as the organization can see that you are eager to learn and are not bound by the medium of learning.

These online courses for college students are those that will benefit them as they are in demand right now and the available supply of certified professionals is low.


1. Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing refers generally to all our online marketing efforts in which we use online platforms like social media to advertise and promote a specific brand/company.

In current circumstances, when everybody is utilizing the internet and is connected with the assistance of a computer/smartphone. For any brand, Digital Marketing is of significance and is extremely valuable.

If you have done a certified course in this field, it will really help boost up your resume as many organisations are looking for professionals who know Digital Marketing. There are many online websites available for attending virtual classes. In addition, even universities like Cornell and Harvard offer online courses on it.

Course Available on Coursera.org, edX.org, LinkedIn Learning and dmpaathshala.com

Best Price for the course: $ 585/- (edX.org)

Course Starting Date: 7th August

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2. Big Data Analytics

Big Data Analytics is the analyses of big sets of data to reveal concealed patterns, obscure connections, market patterns, customer inclinations and other valuable data that can enable organizations to settle on more-detailed business choices.

Big Data Analytics has seen a major boom in its requirement, as the amount of data being generated nowadays is staggering, for example; a flight from New York to London generates 10 Terabytes of data.

There are many websites that offer this certification but not all are good. Most of the best websites you to make projects based what is being taught.

Course Available on Coursera.org, simplilearn.com, edX.or, and edureka.com

Best Price for the course: Rs. 8,999 /- (Simplilearn.com)

Course Starting Date: 26th August


3. Six Sigma Certification

Six Sigma is a carefully outlined arrangement of instruments and techniques that enhance operations inside the companies. The essential objective of the Six Sigma certification is to certify people who have what it takes to distinguish mistakes or imperfections in a business procedure and dispense with them.

There are different levels of six-sigma certification, which are Yellow Belt, Green Belt, Black Belt and Master Black Belt.

Six Sigma is a very useful certification, as it involves project based learning by solving professional problems in an organization.

Course Available on Simplilearn.com, isl.co.in

Best Price for the course: Rs. 16,854 /- (isl.co.in)

Course Starting Date: On Demand and Self-Paced


4. Certified Ethical Hacker

Ethical hacking is hacking performed by an organization or individual to help distinguish potential dangers on a PC or system. An ethical hacker tries to sidestep framework security and look for any weak points that could be misused by vindictive programmers. This data is then utilized by the organization to enhance the framework security, with an end goal to limit or dispose of any potential assaults.

Certified Ethical Hacking is an ever-growing field as more and more organizations are hiring CEH to test their security systems to prevent them from being exploited.

Course Available on Cybrary.com, simplilearn.com, iClass.com, and learningtree.com

Best Price for the course: Rs. 35,999 /- (Simplilearn.com)

Course Starting Date: 5th August


5. Cloud Computing

Cloud computing, also known as “the cloud”, is Internet-based computing where data is stored, managed, accessed & processed over the internet rather than a local server or a personal computer.

Cloud computing is a very useful certification to have as tremendous amounts of data is being generated daily and it needs to be stored somewhere and that is where Cloud Computing comes in.

Course Available on Cloudschool.com, simplilearn.com, alison.com, and nptel.com

Best Price for the course: Free study material but payment for certificate /- (NPTEL)

Course Starting Date: 21st August


6. Data Scientist

A data scientist is a professional who organizes and analyzes sets of data to offer solutions to an organization’s problems.

Data Scientist as a career path is seeing a very sharp growth (~57%) as it is now being extensively used for analyzing a consumer’s mindset and cater to their needs so it is beneficial to be certified in it.

Course Available on Microsoft.com, Harvard.edu, Coursera.org, and edureka.co

Best Price for the course: Rs. 24,899/- (edureka.co)

Course Starting Date: 31st July

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7. Certified Scrum Master (CSM®)

Scrum is a system for overseeing software improvement. Scrum is intended for groups of roughly 10 people, and mostly depends on two-week improvement cycles, which are called “sprints”, and additionally short day-by-day stand-up meetings. Scrum helps the company save time and money.

It is a part of the Agile methodology, which is being increasingly implemented as more and more firms are using this methodology to improve their customer satisfaction.

Course Available on Simplilearn.com, knowledgehut.com, and scrumalliance.org

Best Price for the course: Rs. 29,899/- (Simplilearn.com)

Course Starting Date: 29th July


8. Search Engine Optimization

The process of amplifying the number of visitors to a specific site by guaranteeing that the site appears high on the lists of results returned by a search engine.

Nowadays, SEO is a very important tool for a variety of professionals ranging from Content Writer to Digital Marketer and Growth Hacker. This is a very useful certification to have as many organizations are looking for people with good SEO skills to promote their brands.

Course Available on Coursera.org, Simplilearn.com, and digitalvidya.com

Best Price for the course: Rs. 11,999/- (Simplilearn.com)

Course Starting Date: On Demand and Self-paced


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