7 tips to prepare for an interview in 24 hours’ notice

Your first interview brings in a whole gamut of emotions for any individual. One is usually excited and equally nervous about how is it going to happen. There are zillion questions in the candidate’s mind, especially when just 24 hours are left for the ‘interview day’. I faced similar situation a few months back when I had to appear for my first interview. But with few tips in mind, I am sure everyone can sail through their interview being satisfied.


1. Little Research

First of all, it is important that you do a good research on the company where you have applied for. One of the most common questions is “What do you know about our organization?” or “Have you checked the company’s website?”.

This is one of the questions where you have the liberty to be as creative and as witty as you can be. So make sure you have prepared this one pretty well. In case they don’t ask you this question, it is always good to be prior informed about your potential employer’s details.

2. Job Profile

One of the other important things you should prepare and go through before the interview is about the job you have applied for.

For instance, if you have applied for the post of an analyst, it is important that you know the business model of the company and what kind of business or data analysis they must be doing. You can also go a little extra mile and be ready with words of suggestion/appreciation that you have about the job profile. It makes an impact. It shows that you are sincere and well-prepared.

3. Not Going Crazy About Your Academic Degrees

When you have just 24 hours left for an interview, it will be really foolish to go through your entire academic syllabus. This part can be done maybe a week before. Interviewers are also humans and they know that it is impossible for somebody to prepare all that one has studied hitherto before the interview.

You should know the basic things if you have applied for a core position like a Programmer, Financial Analyst, etc


4. Be Confident

If you have a clear understanding of what you studied all these years and if you have belief in your capabilities, believe me you don’t need to do anything extra for the interview, because let’s face it, the objective of any interview generally is more about interaction and trying to know you as a person.

They might ask you some of the things that you have studied, but these questions will be few in comparison to the questions where they want to know how you perform and tackle situations under different circumstances.

5. One Evening Before the Interview

You should choose wisely the kind of outfit that you have to wear. Your certificates, your shoes, your bag and other documents should be ready. Do not overeat and go to sleep a little early than your usual time.

6. Day of the Interview

Wake up early, freshen up, dress properly, have light breakfast, cross check your documents and then leave your house. Make sure to reach half an hour before the time you are expected to reach.

7. At the Interview Hall

Interacting with fellow interviewees helps you lessen the stress. You can break the ice with people sitting beside you by asking general questions about them or you can also talk to people who have just come out after being interviewed as to what they were asked.

I can say this from my personal experience that it leads to a whole long range of conversations and some very interesting ones. But it can work differently for different people. Some people don’t like to indulge in talking before interviews if that’s the case with you then be it. Only indulge in those things before the interview, in which you are comfortable.

Be confident because you have followed the previous steps diligently, also because it is your first interview and there are many more to come. So give your best because you have nothing to lose. First interview’s memories stay with you so make some nice ones, ones that you can sit back and cherish when you grow a little older.



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