6 myths every first-year students must know from day 1 of college

If you have finished your 12th grade this year, you most probably are going to just begin college. I say most probably because some students take a drop for preparing for Engineering, Medical or studying abroad. That is if you are living in India. So if you belong to the former category, you must be really excited at the prospect of adulting, of entering college and beginning a new phase of life.

I am sure you are going to have lots of fun, meet many new people and have some really great experiences. But let us also warn you that everything is not rosy in this new phase of life.

If you believe you are adulting, you also will have to learn to behave like an adult and be ready to take responsibilities for all actions that you chose to undertake. So let me today, burst few myths for you and make you aware that many pre-conceived notions that students actually have about college life is usually a farce.

Let’s begin your welcome to the new phase then.


1. If you are into reputed Colleges, then you are smarter

Like the Ivy League in United States, we Indians also have created a hierarchy for colleges that exist within our country’s boundaries. It is, of course, difficult to get in them but it is completely wrong to think that you can only be successful in life once you get into these universities/colleges.

There have been many instances of genius people in the world, for instance, Albert Einstein who failed many entrance exams of the universities but ultimately gave us the theory of relativity.

So, discard this idea from your mind that your college name matters greatly. If you have a good grasp over your subject, you are going to be very successful in life, no matter where you studied from.

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2. You are definitely going to be ragged

Many students I have met and come across believe that when they begin college, they will be ragged a lot by seniors. Some of them actually remain prepared for it.

But let me tell you one thing that there are maximum chances that you won’t be ragged. You may ask why. Why because college these days have stricter rules, also because the serious ragging which gave one chill has very much lessened as I hear and experienced when I entered college 6 years back.

Of course, if you are in medical college or an engineering one, I can’t guarantee. Ok, ok Just kidding.

But even if there is some ragging you should be able to handle it well. You have handled 12 years of rigorous schooling by now, I am sure you can handle a few minutes of ragging.

3. All you have to do is bunk

Initially of course, everyone tries to do so. I remember we use to have mass bunking sessions where our whole class would disappear one day and Professor would not be able to single out anyone and scold.

However, it is important to remember that bunking should not become a habit.

It is important to attend classes, remain attentive in class because ultimately your marks definitely matter.

It becomes difficult to compensate for bad marks in last year of college.

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4. Going to find a boyfriend/girlfriend

This is undoubtedly the funniest myth of all. College is not going to make you get committed with somebody, mark my words with a green highlighter.

However, that does not mean I am denying the possibility completely. See, you will make friends, a lot of them, I guarantee.

But having these superficial ideas that the day you set foot in your college, you will meet the woman/man of your dreams is a foolish idea. Things like these happen, when they have to. There is no way you can time them.

5. Social media is social life

This is one of the major myths that students have. They believe that with a few hundred friends on Facebook and an equal no. of followers on Instagram will make them quite popular.

Of course, you are getting momentary popularity on these platforms but let me tell you social media is an illusion.

Social life does not just mean partying to loud music and consistently posting all your activities on various social media platforms. What really matters is the quality of friends that you have, the kind who would take a bullet for you.

The college will give you this opportunity of finding some really nice people. So make sure to befriend people who will remain with you in every weather.

I am telling this from experience. Initially, you would feel that the more friends, the better. But gradually with time, you will find that most of them disappear by the last year of college and you would just be left with some.

Those, my friend, are your all-weather buddies.

6. Adulting is the best

When you are in school, you just want to get out and don the role of an adult. You expect everyone to treat you like an adult but it is when you enter the college life you gradually realize how difficult adulting is.

When I was about to enter college, I would often have these thoughts where I would consider myself quite a grown up person, where I would expect my parents to treat me like a real grown up.

These thoughts stayed with me throughout the first year of college.

 I even had many arguments with my parents and other people who care involving the question that how grown up I was. With time I realized, how difficult adulting is.

How many responsibilities does it bring, how careful one has to be, how every action of yours is to be taken responsibility for, how younger people look up to you and you are expected to set an example and most importantly how boring it is to grow up.

You might not understand very clearly what I am trying to say, but I assure you that with time you will. With time you will realize how childhood was better.

College is not the end. It is definitely a new beginning, but life doesn’t end with college. There is much bigger world waiting to be discovered.

Usually, most of us believe that since now we are in college, we have made it in life, we are finally there. But the bitter truth is, only after college the real struggle begins.

So make sure that you get good grades because they very much matter.

Make sure that you read a lot of things, from novels to poems to any of the random books. Reading definitely makes one a better person.

Pursue a hobby, since you will be having a lot of free time in college.

Indulge in more activities along with your studies, they help you later in life.

Now that you have scrolled down till here, I hope you took some good thing from the above paragraphs.

College is an important phase of your life. Enjoy it. Live it. Make good memories and most of all grow up into a responsible and sensible adult.


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