6 common salary negotiation to avoid while landing the first job

When in the job interview, if there’s one thing that is uncomfortable, it is negotiating salary with your employer. How much is the right and best figure to quote, what is the correct path to put that figure across, how not to tell a figure even when you are being asked for it – these are some questions that if prepared for, can ensure you can land a better job offer with the company sector.

So, here’s what you need to do if you want to avoid salary negotiation mistakes that could report in a much lower job offer or worse losing the job offer you worked so hard to obtain:

Never justify with your personal reasons

For starters, there’s nothing worse than a candidate who tries to justify their salary negotiation due to their some personal situation. The company doesn’t care that your salary is lower or you won’t cover your mortgage or your study loan payments or even about your living expenses. Though you can discuss industry standards, etc.

Research on the standards of the industry for similar the jobs

It’s really difficult to negotiate the salary if you have not researched about the job responsibilities or what they are paying to other people for this jobs. Do the best research and be prepared to speak on industry standards that sound logical and reasonable.

Never show how much you are okay with

The employer wants to know what is the number is in your mind. The earlier and faster you give this kind of info, than the less time you will have for negotiating a better offer when the time comes. Always try to be as non committal as possible when you are asked about your salary packages too early in the interview procedure.

Do not deny for an offer too fast

Many job candidates reject the job offers very quickly when the employer offers a salary which is much lower than an expectation, and there will be many cases in which you would be correct in rejecting the offer, it’s still the best thing to ask for some time to consider it before rejecting it immediately.

If the salary they are offering is far below, then you do not have any other choice other than to reject the offer. However, if the company offering a salary is good but just not as good as you would like then take a closer look at the benefits as well before rejecting the offer.

Take your time

It’s okay to take some time to read and go through a job offer especially when you need some time to take the decision. You can ask for 24-48 hours and employers will understand, anything beyond 4 to 5 days looks unreasonable.

Don’t take the negotiations so long

It is a good thing to negotiate. They are providing you a job offer but the salary is low. Such things happen and it’s quite normal. But try to avoid too much back and forth. Pick the essential aspects of the offer and focus on that. But after the conclusion of the negotiation, try to avoid and bring up new things.

Written By: Uday

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