6 best way to clear technical interviews

The technical students play a very important role in the growth and development of the company. The company also wants the candidates who are smart and have good technical knowledge and skills to take their company to the higher level. So, there is also a competition to crack the interview. Here are best 6 ways to clear the technical interview.

Be honest and do not bluff

Answer what you know, in a confident manner. If you have been asked a question that you don’t know, just Start by telling “I am not sure, but I think it is …..”. Never say any wrong answer confidently. That will make them doubt your correct answers also or may feel that they were guesses. Most importantly this shows your ability to think and a never die attitude. No one wants to work with people says “I can’t do this.” Try to do something about all the questions.

Be ready to write Coding and the programming part

If you have been asked to write some code, be careful and follow some ground rules and clauses. Some people tell that “they have forgotten the syntax…”. No one expects to remember everything but basics like looping, if conditions, primary method, exceptions are never to be ignored by the programmer. Always write the code with good indentation using the lots of white spaces.

Make an online portfolio of your work

If the person has an excellent job to showcase, then the best way to show is to create an online web portfolio. It will help the recruiters on national as well as an international level to see the skills at a right level.

Work on the problem-solving skills

If the person is a technical expert, and, therefore, problem-solving and analytical thinking abilities is expected from them. The employer wants to test that are innovative enough or can give up quickly. So the person has to work intensely on such advanced skills.

Convert the arguments into the conversation

Even if you know that that person is wrong but do not argue and try to continue the conversation by saying “Ok, I am not so sure if that is correct, I will check that out.” Be an active listener during the interview phase and use the reference to the previous experience while answering.

Tell about the best achievement

During the work, there might be something that the person consider as their best achievement. It is important to describe it in such a way that interviewer feels that you have done something more extraordinary there. So, prepare a plausible story on how your abilities helped you to complete that task. It is important to make this because it takes the time to dig out your memory and find the situations.

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