5 reasons you did not get the job

Have you ever struggled in the job hunt, ‘WHY CANT I GET A JOB?’ Sometimes it’s just because of the bad luck but often there is something wrong with your job search. So here are 5 ways why recruiter is rejecting you.

1. Your timing was off

Everybody knows that you should never be late for the job interview. This is the toughest mistake to overcome with, even if you are having a good valid reason for being late for the job interview. At that moment, a manager will assume that you are not serious about the opportunity. If by chance you do happen to be late, your only chance of recovery is to own it. Acknowledge that you were late, apologize, and then thank them for their willingness to still see you and take up the interview. You have made a mistake, we all do. It’s how you handle it that will help them get a glimpse of your character and give positive results in the interview.

A good rule of thumb is to arrive not more than 15 minutes prior to your scheduled time for the interview.

2. Your Resume is sloppy

In real life, a misprint doesn’t make a huge difference in your resume. It should be noted that never submit a resume which you have not run through a spell checker and a grammar checker.

Always make sure that your resume is being reviewed by a human with a good command of English and grammar rules. Your formatting is also important. Recruiters don’t want to see your fancy resumes but they want to see resumes that are easy to read.

3. You didn’t properly study the company you are interviewing

You should Google about the company and whoever you are going to interview a day before your interview. You should be aware that what they have done yesterday and also what they would do the following day. Also, if you are having a week to prepare for an interview, use it! That way you can reference things the company did last week that caught your eye, which shows you have really been keeping eyes on all company’s activities which mark as a positive impact on the recruiters. 

4. You’re nervous in a bad way

Being nerves are actually fine. When you tell someone that you are really nervous about the meeting, you know they do care about making a superior impression and they think that you really want the job, which is something you should really look for. But if you are so nervous that you are forgetting everything and puzzling key talking points or mixing answers to more than two questions, your nerves are unfortunately working against you which would reflect a negative impact on the recruiters’ mind.

Here is the advice that I once got which made me a whole lot less nervous about interviewing for a job interview: the interviewer wants you to be The One. I desperately want every young king and queen who walks through this door to be The One. So if you ever feel that you are nerves make sure that you give the best of you.

5. You didn’t have good questions to ask at the end of your interview

Asking the recruiter, “What’s the best part about working here?” and nothing else suggests that you are just asking questions for the sake of asking the question. If you’ve got a chance in whatever field you are pursuing, use it! You should ask them what they think of their competitors; ask them what they want to improve in the work they have already done. And if you have legitimate concerns about why you might not be the best to fit for the position you have applied, ask about that too. Remember that this is your chance to interview someone who could be your boss in the future so use the time to find out as much about what the job is going to be like day-to-day as you can.

If you are struggling to find a job, take a look at the above-mentioned list and see if you can eliminate a few of these problems to increase your chances of job searching success.


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