5 Jaipur startups you should know about

The startup culture has caught up in every part of India. More no. of people are passionate about their ideas and are eager to provide solutions. The pink city is definitely not behind in this race. Lately, it has been very welcoming to startups providing the correct environment required.

Let’s introduce to you to some of the amazing startups based in the city of Jaipur.


It provides hassle-free intercity cab services at very reasonable prices. Once you book, the verified driver reaches your place at the fixed time and takes you on your journey very efficiently. Their services are available 24X7. They aim to make intercity travel for commuters completely smooth and efficient.

Here is their website: https://hippocabs.com/web/


This innovative startup aims at personalizing and adding their creativity to the gifts you buy for your loved ones. Their store includes a wide range of products from mugs and cushions to wall clocks. They claim to bring together creative entrepreneurs, designers, and craftsmen from across India, creating amazing products for you to cherish.

Here is their website: https://indigifts.in/


It intends to change the way you access your doors. They make smart and digital locks which can be controlled through your mobile phones and apps. Their aim is to solve the daily hassle of locking with a key by providing a smart solution. They have collaborations with giants of lock industry and they are consistently driven by evolution.

Here is their website: https://awakey.in/


They claim to be India’s first online custom furniture store. They build custom furniture according to your needs, offering you free consultations. You can share whatever idea you have in mind and they will build it for you with exact specifications using premium quality goods and other materials.

Here is their website: https://www.woodenstreet.com/


They call themselves a hybrid education model using real and virtual teaching aids to impart 5D classroom experiential learning and assessment. They provide a lot of innovative and interesting teaching aids and methodologies to schools associated with them. They aim to make a disruptive change in the school education system in the country.

Here is their website: https://www.srjna.com/

Written By: Archana Pathak

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