5 Interview Questions CEOs Usually Ask and How to Answer Them

Preparation of a job interview is stressful. If you have an interview later on and you know you have to talk with CEO, there are some common interview questions that CEO will usually ask.

1. Why you had so many jobs over the last few years?

In today times, it is difficult for candidates to get the job. CEOs generally ask this question because they want to know about the candidate’s loyalty towards previous employers.

You should include your job history; your focus should be on experiences – that molded your career in a positive direction.

2. What do you hope to accomplish within the next year?

This is the most important thing CEO wants to know about candidate what you are going to accomplish in the coming time.

You can include your vision as an employee of the company. Show them you will bring their company to the next level.

Talk about your skills as well as strengths that can bring success as an employee of the organization. You can also take references to your old success stories that would support your vision for the job.

3. Would you quit the job if you win the jackpot?

CEOs can ask this question to know whether you are more concerned about the job or simply you are doing a job for a paycheck.

It might be a tricky question for someone but answer it honestly. Whether you only want a job for the income or you are truly passionate about your future and career. Share your ideas with appropriate reasons.

4. Tell me any accomplishment that molded your career.

Recruiters love listening accomplishment or success stories. It not only shows how qualified you are for the job position but makes you a unique candidate also.

You can include any success story from your past experiences that will be suitable to the position for what you are applying.

5. How would your boss from your last job describe you?

It can be a tricky question, especially if you left your job for a negative role. Moreover, recruiters ask this question to know about your personality.

You can talk about how your personality and skills fit in your previous job. Or, if you had a negative experience at the last job, talk about what you learned from that position and how you tried to turn it into a positive experience.