5 Delhi startups that you need to know about

It is a great time to begin a startup in our country. Bangalore which was considered ‘the city’ for startups has been robbed of its preeminence and other cities in India have also established correct environment for startups to flourish.  With the correct idea and good amount of passion, anyone can begin with a startup. Delhi which is more popularly known for its food, politics, and monuments has become home for quite a large no. of startups. Let’s introduce you to 5 awesome startups based in Delhi which you definitely need to know about.


Started by Varun Khurana and Prashant Jain this innovative startup aims at bringing a fundamental change in the lives of farmers and consumers. They intend to weed out the intermediaries and supply fresh food to customers simultaneously providing good prices to farmers thus bringing mutual benefit. Any farmer who is interested can connect with them and earn good value for his/her produce.

Their key customers include BigBazaar, Metro, Big basket, Grofers among others.

You can check their website here: http://crofarm.com/index.html


Promising a new era of education, this startup aims at the collaboration between schools/universities, teachers, parents, and students. Started by Dheeraj Jain and Ashwani Duggal it is basically a cloud-based technology which focuses on learning and multi-dimensional development of the student. They charge certain fees of Rs. 40 to Rs. 70 depending on the features that students want to avail.

You can check their website here: https://www.mappr.in/


Co-working spaces have become quite popular these days with everyone looking for interesting places to work at and get out of their offices. Started with catering to this huge section of entrepreneurs, freelancers, and innovators, Innov8 offers fully managed workspace with added benefits of community and service. They have opened branches in Chandigarh and Bangalore as well apart from Delhi.

You can check their website here: https://innov8.work/


This startup aims at providing track your app services. Started by Kashyap Deorah and Tapan Pandita they provide fastest, accurate and real-time location tracking for their customers. Developers can then manage this data according to their liking. They aspire to give you simple, affordable and hassle-free services.

You can check their website here: https://www.hypertrack.com/


They aim to transform logistics in India making it more humane, faster and safer. Started in 2014, they are working towards using data for logistics and provide solutions. They call themselves technology-enabled logistics company that aims to deliver reliability through our network and provide transparency to clients. They have a whole list of registered truck drivers with them.

You can check their website here: https://rivigo.com/

Written By: Archana Pathak

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