5 best online courses for learning Big Data

Our world today is full of data. Big data has become indispensable for every organization. Its phenomenal importance in every area from elections to advertising to ample no. of things has made it very popular.

It is not something new though, humans have been using data in their lives for a longer time now. What is new is the usage of the term and its significance in our lives.

Learning big data can fetch you some very good jobs and it can enhance your skills and knowledge. There are various online courses available which provide good courses on Big data. Lets’ check out a few of them.

Big data has become indispensable for every organization

1. Big data University

It is an initiative of IBM company and provides one of the best and comprehensive courses on Big data. Some of their courses include: ‘Big data fundamentals’, ‘Data science fundamentals’, ‘Hadoop fundamentals’ and others.

They provide large no. of courses to choose from. They have various levels starting from beginner, followed by intermediate and advanced. The courses are very interactive. It is now called ‘cognitive class.

Pricing: These courses on Big data by IBM are completely free of cost which is the best part.

What  do you get?: Apart from the good knowledge, you get an IBM badge and a certificate after completing the course which you can share on your social media profiles.

Here is the link: https://cognitiveclass.ai/learn/

2. Jigsaw Academy

Based on the belief that big data is a necessary skill, this 6 year old academy offers a wide range of courses to choose from which includes ‘Big data scientist, ‘Big data analyst’, ‘Machine learning specialist’, ‘HR analyst’ and others.

You can get hired at various reputed companies once you complete your courses here. They also provide certified courses on ‘Internet of things’.

Their courses are divided into various segments viz. Introduction, Foundation, Advanced and Domain specialised. Best part about this academy is that you can customise your courses according to your or your organisation’s needs.

Pricing: All the course available here are priced differently but are quite affordable. The intro courses start from Rs. 7,500.

What do you get?: Industry oriented training. Along with a certificate there are maximum chance of you landing jobs at prestigious companies.

Here is the link: https://www.jigsawacademy.com/online-analytics-training/

3. Coursera

With above 500 courses on big data and related fields alone, Coursera leaves you spoilt for choice. Each of these courses are taught by top instructors across the best universities of the world.

Some of the courses are: ‘Big data’, ‘Introduction to big data’, ‘Big data modeling and management systems’ and others offered by various reputed universities across the world. The courses are designed according to various industrial and professional needs.

Pricing: It varies from course to course.

What do you get?: Like all the Coursera courses, you can get an electronic certificate if you pay the required amount. Coursera also provides financial aids for their respective courses.

Here is the link: Coursera

4. edX

Here you can find courses on data science, data management, and various others. Founded by Harvard university and MIT, edX offers quality courses in the field of Big data.

It is an open learning website and the courses are available anytime you want.

Some of the courses include ‘Knowledge management and big data in business’, ‘Big data and education’, ‘Data science ethics’ and others. There are many self-paced courses also where you can set your own targets to finish the particular course.

Pricing: The course is for free but if you want a verified certificate you may have to pay a certain amount.

What do you get?: Quality education, easily shareable certificate,

Here is the link: https://www.edx.org/course/subject/data-analysis-statistics/big-data

5. Udacity

Big data courses here help in bridging the gap between real world skills, relevant education, and employment. The courses at Udacity are designed in a manner that they give you an insight into what the employer might be interested in.

In the era of cut throat competition, Udacity makes the task easier for you by gearing you up with required skills. Some of the courses include: ‘Introduction to data analysis’, ‘Deep learning’ ‘Introduction to machine learning’ and others.

Pricing: All courses provided by Udacity are free of cost.

What do you get?: Certificate, new skills, a job at a reputed company as well.

Here is the link: https://www.udacity.com/courses/data-science

All the courses mentioned above are really good and comprehensive. You might have a difficulty choosing which one to begin with.

The solution lies in prioritizing your requirement of what specific area of Big data you want to learn. If you are a beginner and just want to learn about big data, then free courses would be a good idea. If you are a professional then choosing the paid one can get you a verified certificate which can enhance your Linkedin profile and fetch you good jobs.

So don’t wait and begin learning Big data today because it is definitely the future.


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