3 science backed reasons why you should take walk everyday

Walking doesn’t demand any exclusive gears or athletic skills, still it offers a congregation of health benefits – from helping you lose weight and lifting your mood to lowering your blood pressure. Walking can have speculating effects for your body and soul. It’s an easily accessible, affordable, and valuable treatment for numerous ailments.

Here we present 3 worthy reasons that will hopefully encourage you to get out there, start walking, and get healthier :

1. Helps Reduce Stress, Makes You Happier And Helps Deal Depression

Just go out for a walk in a bad mood and you will come back relaxed and collected, you will know immediately that walking can help reduce your reaction to a stressful event. Researchers have confirmed that taking walk releases body’s natural happy drugs – endorphins which will help lighten your mood. After returning from a walk you’ll be full of delight at your triumph, which will help increase your self-worth. You’ll love yourself more.

People who take walk are less stressed, walking pushes the stress hormone – cortisol throughout the body. Studies have found that people who walk to job experience lower stress levels than those who drive to work.

2. Helps Manage Weight

Walking is one of the best exercises for managing weight, it’s easy to do and you can do it for free every day. Women who ate standard balanced diet and walked for half an hour a day were able to maintain their weight successfully. Buddy up someone for fitness – go for walk with a friend, neighbour, or a four-legged pet. A recent study found that people who owned dog walked more each week and than those who do not own dogs.

3. Can Lower Blood Pressure

People who do regular heart pumping habit have lower risks of heart attacks and strokes, lower blood pressure and a higher level of HDL (healthy cholesterol) than non-exercisers. Walking can lower blood pressure and LDL (lousy cholesterol), it also lessens the risk of many different types of cancers and develops body’s immune system. It also improves quality of sleep and keeps you thrilled. It has been found that moderate-intensity walking is useful in lowering the threat of high blood pressure.

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