15 Career books and blogs you can’t afford to miss!

At every stage in life, we all have to take decisions. From Pre-University to jobs, we all have that phase of a dilemma, as to what to do, because we all know, there isn’t an Undo button in life. Before stepping forward, you must look out for any obstacles in your path and remain ever ready for any sort of challenges. What better source than books that speak of surreal experiences and blogs that give real time insight into what your future in a particular career path looks like!

Here’s the list of a few books and a few blogs that you must and for sure read, to know how to mold your career:


Written by Natalie Sisson, it is a wonderful book for all those independent- headed youngsters, who don’t want to slog in the conventional 9-5 corporate job, those who believe that no one other than they themselves will create opportunities for oneself.

The author herself worked in the corporate world, where she discovers that it wasn’t her cup of tea, and went on to start her own tech company. She is now on a mission to create and help 1,000,000+ entrepreneurs. She says “My madness to create amazing online businesses has brought me here”.


Written by Betsy and Warren, this book is the plan of action for ‘focused Wanderers’. If you’re quite a confused person who scribbles things down but has a vision, want to frame your own rules, then this book is for you. This book speaks of budgeting, how to ensure you don’t waste your precious pennies and a lot more. It is perfect for those who want to live life the way they want it to be today. Srinivas Rao, host of Blogcast FM says, “It is as realistic as a 4 hour work week at office”.


The name itself suggests what the book is about. With old-school career doors shutting on our faces, this book gives you the perspective of you being the creator, the revolution itself. It shows you how to get there, one step at a time, slowly but steadily. This book will help you rise to progress and innovations in your ideas every morning. It is written by Chris Guillebeau. Daniel H Pink, a renowned author says, “It is kick in the pants to build your road map and your dream into action”.

If you want to experience life in a startup, here’a list of top Startups in India


This book isn’t what the title suggests! The author, Jon Acuff, tries to pull Monday out of its stereotyped image and talks about how you can make life interesting the entire week instead of a wasteful wait for the weekends. The tagline of the book, “Close the gap between your day job and dream job” is completely justified. It is a wise, entertaining yet realistic book with incidents from the author’s odyssey itself. The book will push to the maximum, to transform your job into your dream job, and not a horrible memory.


The name of the book is as random as the ideas of an entrepreneur, but equally meaningful too. Mike Micha shows the hard hitting reality of how prospective entrepreneurs are generic and predictable in their ideas, and how it is crucial now to be specific and to the point. With his garnish of humor and business knowledge, the book acts as an enlightenment as to why 80% of startups fail within first 5-6years. If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, don’t move until you’re done with the book.


Written by Kerry Hannon, it is a book for saturated corporates, who are completely dissatisfied with their job. It puts you in a position where you begin to look at work in the optimistic light. The author has tried her best to persuade you in bringing out your love and stirring dedication towards your job. How to transform your daily doldrums at work to enjoyable times, that is what the book is all about. Go ahead, find light in the darkness!


Coming to Indian authors, we have Rashmi Bansal, who never fails to convince the youth, and is the author of many best selling books based on entrepreneurship. It is a collection of 20 stories, giving insight into the difficult yet exciting journey in any business field. She also divides the book into 3 categories, The Rainmakers, The Change makers and The Spiritual Capitalists. Now, what do these categories imply, find out for yourself!


Another Indian author, Prakash Iyer, talks about how one must be manifold in terms of your role in a company. Aiming higher, we must unleash the leader within us for climbing higher and higher. He uses living legends as examples and powerful anecdotes to unwrap the professional leader hidden in every person.


Mohammed Yunus in this throws light on how social business, a theoretical practice earlier, is now no more so and is widely accepted as well as adopted by social activists & corporations. Being a professor himself, he talks about how only creative business ideas or thoughts can impact the society country and the world.

Coming to Career Blogs, here are a few must view blogs:


They are very famous for the high ed jobs, and career guidance. They also have Webinars by Professional Career specialists, Booklets, and Job alerts. From Cover letters to acing PhDs, all information is available.

 Here’s the link: https://chroniclevitae.com/


It is a lobal nonprofit blog, that acts as the medium between aspirants and opportunities. Here, individuals find and score socially impacting jobs. Through inspiring stories and incidents, they instill the enthusiasm to go ahead and pursue one’s dream job.

Here’s the link: http://idealistcareers.org/about-idealist-careers/


An online business community, with the goal of encouraging young professionals, by providing condensed yet complete information, research data. They provide a comparative analysis of jobs based on the pay scale and overall employee satisfaction which is termed as ‘Bliss Score’. They provide an interactive interface, resume tips, and career advice.

Here’s the link: https://www.careerbliss.com/


A polarizing writer guaranteed! She is an author and blogger. Penelope Trunk has founded 4 startups. She has featured in several media and is one of the best bloggers for realistic and modern day/ updated career advice. Her tweets are matters of attention.


On the face of it, it doesn’t seem like a career based blog. But they provide career information, how to implement and put into action one’s ideas, how to bring out the leader in oneself. They communicate and connect via the website, magazines, and conference held yearly in New York City.

Here’s the link: http://99u.com/about


Aforementioned Rashmi Bansal is the blogger. An IIM graduate herself and founder of JAM( Just Another Magazine), she is a more of a passionate writer than a blogger and provides all information on what the current affairs and trends are about. A great Indian career blog, that everyone must look into.

Here’s the link:

Magazine – http://www.jammag.com/

Blog – http://youthcurry.blogspot.in/?m=1

Many readers may find the book suggestions biased, towards entrepreneurs. As a young writer and student, I believe the conventional corporate job is losing its charm and start-ups are gaining acknowledgment. For all those high-aiming, youthful and focused individuals, here’s your bucket list of books and blogs to have your career and make it the ideal career!


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