10 things to avoid during an interview

As it’s said “Talent may get you through the door but the character is what that shall keep you in the room”, similarly when you land up for an interview it’s evident that the company has recognized your talent and thus you are called up for the interview. However, there are some ordinary yet important things to be taken care of during an interview.

1. Having Passive Attitude

Charisma can also suppress beauty, imagine the impact of it on your interviewer as you display yourself through it, it’s powerful when you are the best version of yourself and portray your talent without any negative attitude.

2. Low Confidence

It’s something psychological yet our minds are powerful enough to manage our own behavior. Having low confidence shall only demonstrate that you are not prepared or have little knowledge about the job or company. Confidence is subtle boldness in anyone’s personality, never refrain from it. Also, the person sitting in the opposite of you is not all knowledgeable, there are chances that he may not know certain things. You need to show your abilities, skills, and efficiency.

3. Non-Formal Approach

Companies are formal organizations, you shall not be considered professional enough to be hired as the employee when you have casual and non-formal approach towards the interviewer and company. Formality makes sure that you are matured enough for the job. Avoid arriving late, wearing shabby clothes, shoes and casual wears. There are cases where “cool dudes” are appointed but don’t risk being one.


4. Pretending Someone You’re Not

Negotiation gives birth to negativity, it repels massively while you are talking to someone. Having simple but positive approach objectifies you are an optimist. Avoid negotiation and disagreement of any kind.

5. Poor Body Language

When you see an open arm you are likely to have an open arm yourself. There’s no way nonverbal communication should be ignored. The way you carry yourself is the way you shall carry on with your work too as seen by your interviewer.

Having outgoing, positive, and firm body language shall show that you are capable and have a very optimistic attitude in general. Having encouraging smile and eye contact while speaking is a good way of using body language as it shall always compliment. On the other side don’t fidget with yourself or shrink behind and sit. Do not have unnecessary gestures it might turn out to be exaggerating.

6. Being Personal

You are often carried away by momentum and start speaking about your personal life rather than professional. There is a thin line between being open and being personal always take care of it. There is no way you should provide your personal information nor do ask for any. Personality should be open but a person should be closed. Avoid being too much narrative about yourself while don’t expect to be answered appropriately when you seek personal narration. It gives very non-professional and laid back demonstration of yourself.

7. Lack of Golden Words

A simple “Thank You”, “Sorry”, “Pardon” can instantly have a tremendous impact on your interviewer which will ensure that you are seen as well disciplined and well-mannered person. Do not hesitate to use those golden words as much as required. They will always throw tough questions at you and see how you react, the best way is to be truthful and tell them that you are new to the topic and shall learn it. The idea is to be composed and confident. Show them that you are genuine in nature and have a true interest in your work.

8. Having General Approach

It shall make no difference between you and others if you are generalizing every question that is asked. Have your own views and opinions in everything you say.

Be blunt, firm and to the point.

Listen to full question attentively however easy or hard the question might be. Take few seconds to compose your approach based on inputs in your mind. Narrate your answer with confidence. Use numbers or references to support your assumptions wherever possible.

Example: An e-commerce company is looking for marketing strategy for tier II cities. Which channel they shall focus on.

A general approach: Mobile is trending in India and everyone is focusing

on mobile. We shall focus more on mobile marketing.

A logical approach: Based on my knowledge on the topic so far, to expand in tier II cities in India we shall address two major problems. (i) Awareness & (ii) New Technology/medium phobia (Reluctance to accept new technology because of lack of trust or some unknown fear) assuming we are ready with logistics. To create awareness, we can use mobile marketing as a channel as 90% of internet users exist on mobile in these cities which is more than 60% in tier I cities. After primary research we can find out what are most common channels to reach them such as Hindi media channel might be better than English media channels.

9. Building Negative Nervousness

Yes, you read it right! Nervousness can be positive or negative. It is okay to be nervous in an interview as that shows you care about that position but getting too nervous can be a spoiler. Often students mix nervousness with the lack of confidence but they are two different things. Lack of confidence means you don’t believe in what you speak while nervousness is a state of body that prompt your nerves. If you are too nervous you often lose your ability to think & thus may impact your performance. But overcoming nervousness is easy. Take a pause & relax, drink water (It is kept on the table for you so do not hesitate to have a sip or two from that, it does wonder), be as smooth as you generally are in social life & shift your focus from things which are making you nervous.

Trap Alert: Especially in a panel interview, one or two interviewers will keep staring you and will always add negative comments. That is on purpose so relax. It is pressure testing. Hesitation spoils the mood of any conversation and thus affects the further communication.

10. Over- confidence

If wishes were horses, beggars would ride! Your case shall be no different once you sit in front of your interviewer.

Boasting off and having idealism on oneself shall only prove to be repellent. Humbleness along with pride is attractive. Self-centered approach shall result in the unattractive display of your potential talent and reverse your chances of getting selected as the company needs someone who is selfless, hardworking and humble. Along with these things, there are many little elements which you can add upon as you invest your time and thoughts and think upon this one. There is very little difference between confidence and over-confidence so watch out your step.

Be yourself and you will nail it! Good luck from DreamBegins team! You can ask your questions in comments or share your experiences from which others can learn.


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