10 amazing career paths for fresher, you don’t know about

Nowadays, the conventional careers like engineering and finance have reached a level of saturation and even beyond it where the supply is more than the demand. The freshers graduating from universities have a cutthroat competition for a limited number of jobs. This post will explore some amazing career paths that have a lot of scope in the future and have a large requirement of personnel to fulfill the demand.

Many good start-ups look for these roles, and here’s also a list of top 10 startups to work for in India & why?


1. Growth Hacking

Growth hacker focusses on the promotion of a product/service irrespective of the platform used for promotion.

It is a growing field, as startups, today prefer to hire Digital Growth Hackers to Digital Marketing Managers.

Skills Required: Programming, Testing (Code), Social Media Marketing, Sales, Content Writing.

Median Salary: Rs. 60,000 per month (Glassdoor).

Educational Requirements: No particular degree required. (But should be a graduate)

Companies Hiring: GrabOn, 1mg.com, Treebo Hotels, edWisor and Hackr.io.

Available Jobs: On Indeed and On Angel.co

You can improve your chance of selection by taking some courses online.


2. Chief Listening Officer

Chief Listening Officers closely follow social media platforms (like Facebook and Twitter) and conversations to stay updated on what is being said about the company or brand. They then inform the customer care or public relations department about this.

The requirement for this job is very new and the first-ever Chief Listening Officer was hired in 2010. However, it is growing rapidly as more companies rely on social media platforms for their market research.

Skills Required: Sharp Observational Skills

Median Salary: Depends on the organization

Educational Requirements: No particular degree required. (But should be a graduate)

Companies Hiring: Most of the jobs for this field are appointed within a company itself. (Internal Job Posting).


3. Agricultural Engineer

Agricultural Engineers solve farming related problems like the working of machinery, pollution and environmental issues and the processing of agricultural products.

It is a slow growing job, as the rural farmers are slowly becoming more aware of the advances in farming technologies.

Skills Required: Analytical Skills, Problem Solving Skills, Math Skills, and Communication Skills

Median Salary: Rs. 40,000 per month (PayScale)

Educational Requirements: Bachelor’s Degree in Agricultural Engineering

Companies Hiring: Reliance Manpower Consultants and Radford Global Limited

Available Jobs: On Indeed


4. Actuary

Actuaries are responsible for measuring and managing risk and uncertainty in any decision to be taken like investments and insurance.

It is a rapidly growing field as the demand for insurance increases more actuaries are required.

Skills Required: An understanding of human behavior, good business knowledge, and Statistics

Median Salary: Rs. 40,000 per month (Source: Quora)

Educational Requirements: Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics, Finance, or Economics

Companies Hiring: AIG Analytics and Service Private Limited and Crescendo Global Services

Jobs Available: On Indeed


5. Food Stylist

Food stylists are responsible for styling and arranging food for photo shoots, films, magazines and television commercials so it looks irresistible.

It is a rapidly growing profession as more organizations are hiring food stylists to make their products more appetizing.

Skills Required: Knowledge of food and current advertising trends

Median Salary: Rs. 28,896 per month (Source: PayScale)

Educational Requirements: Diploma in Culinary Arts (Preferred not necessary) or any other relative certification

Companies Hiring: In this field, most of the people are self-employed


6. PPC Engineer

PPC stands for pay-per-click; a PPC Engineer uses a model of internet marketing in which advertisers pay a fee each time one of their ads is clicked.

PPC Marketing is a fast growing career path as more companies are using PPC advertising to promote themselves.

Skills Required: Google AdWords, Web Analytics, and good presentation skills

Median Salary: Rs. 31,416 per month (Source: Glassdoor)

Educational Requirements: No particular degree (But should be a graduate)

Companies Hiring: India Rush (Start-up) and Apeejay Education Society and many other digital companies

Jobs Available: On Indeed and On Angel.co


7. Technical Writer

Technical writers and content writers are completely different. Technical writer’s focus is mostly on technicalities related to programming company. For companies specializing in technology like NIIT, Infosys, TCS, Adobe, Oracle, and similar brands, a technical writer is a must.

Minimum Qualification: Graduate

Salary: Rs 50,000 to Rs 1.7 lakh a month (Source: Economic Times)

Companies Hiring: Amazon, Infosys, TCS, NIIT etc.

Jobs Available: On Indeed


8. Linguist

Linguists are people who study languages. It is a broad field with many specialties. Some work as researchers while others work in advertising, the government or for other private enterprises.

Skills Required: Good understanding of basics of several languages and good speaking skills

Median Salary: Rs. 31,500 per month (Source: PayScale)

Educational Requirements: Bachelor’s, Master’s, and doctorate degrees in Linguistics (a person can start working by gaining a bachelor’s degree and work their way towards specialization)

Companies Hiring: Yahoo and Amazon


9. Analytical Manager

An Analytical Manager utilizes business information and techniques to give knowledge into business execution and recommend area and strategies for enhancing operations.

Skills Required: Data Analytics, Statistics, and Critical Thinking

Median Salary: Rs. 50,000 per month (Source: PayScale)

Educational Requirements: Bachelor’s degree in Statistics, Mathematics or Computer Science

Companies Hiring: GE India and Crescendo Global Services

Available Jobs: On Linkedin


10. Data Scientist

A data scientist is a professional who organizes and analyzes large sets of data to offer solutions to an organization’s problems.

Data Scientist as a career path is seeing a very sharp growth (~57%) as it is now being extensively used for analyzing a consumer’s mindset and cater to their needs.

According to Edvancer, over 50,000 positions related to analytics currently available to be filled in India. This is expected to rise to 80,000-1,00,000 in 2018.

Skills Required: Programming, Statistics, and Mathematics

Median Salary: Rs. 51,687 per month (Source: PayScale)

Educational Requirements: Any relevant degree but Data Science certification is important

Companies Hiring: Kotak, IBM and AIG Analytics, LimeTray and Service Private Limited

Available Jobs: On Linkedin and On Indeed



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